Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lil Kim to get Repoed

I see the economic crisis is affecting everybody even rappers, Kimberly Jones aka Lil Kim is being threatened to lose her car due to late payments. This is no laughing matter nobody wants to deal with the repo man.

Kevin Durant to be named Rookie of The Year

The kid had a successful individual season after being selected #2 in the Draft behind Greg Oden, it just wasn't enough to carry his team. The Sonics had the worst record in The West, they only managed to win 20 wins, more than Miami though. I guess all the talks about moving the team to Oklahoma City , the ownership being contested was a lot of distraction for the players and of course Ray Allen wasn't part of the squad anymore(Boston Celtics).
Anyway, congratulations, Durant averaged 20 pts a game, close to what Lebron did during his rookie year. So now he can add to his trophy room this award and put it next to the Top National College Player of The Year.

Mark Cuban fires Avery Johnson

What a mistake that is. Why would you dismiss a coach that has taken your team to The Playoffs four years in a row? No coach had had such a quick success in 4 years, his record with the team was 194 wins and 60 losses. He also led the Mavs to The Finals in '06 (They lost to Miami) with more than 60 wins in the regular season.
Last year was their best record and unfortunately they were eliminated by Golden State Warriors because their former coach Don Nelson, who mentored Avery, knew everything about the team and how to beat them.
Mark Cuban needed somebody to blame for his weak executive accomplishments when he traded youth for a veteran point guard (Jason Kidd) that didn't make them better, yes he's a play maker but he's not a scorer and they needed that to complement Nowitzki and Howard.
He should just fire himself or just revamp the whole squad, but I don't think any coach would have done a better job than Avery. It's a huge loss for them, they are not going to get a quality coach like that, Larry Brown is already taken by Charlotte and Scott Skiles was hired by Milwaukee.
Avery will probably end up in Chicago or New York.

David Blaine breaks world record on Oprah

This dude is officially sick. He stayed under water in a suspended bubble for 17 minutes and broke the World record.

Alicia Keys looking so right

My baby mama(shht...don't tell nobody) made a stop last night at Dave Letterman for a performance. Look at those pervs taking pics of her "assets". Check it out!

Dallas and Phoenix out of The Playoffs

Like I predicted it San Antonio eliminated Phoenix and New Orleans got rid of Dallas. I expected both games to go to six but both ended in 5. We(Lakers) finally got our revenge from The Suns after they eliminated us in the 1st round 2 years in a row. Now we are the team moving to the 2nd round, take that.
Many experts are also doubting the trade moves both eliminated teams(Kidd to Dallas and Shaq to Phoenix) made after The All Star Game, I say all teams in The West had to make a move and take a risk when they saw The Lakers acquire Pau Gasol.None of them were competitive enough at that point. San Antonio got some defensive size with Kurt Thomas and re-signed Brent Barry. So fans, don't blame the front office, it was a much needed strategic move that just didn't work. It's part of the game, you take gamble, sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don't.
There's only one series left in the West, Utah-Houston(3-2), Houston just blew out Utah by 25 points and might take it to game 7. Please be my guest, because the winner of that series will face The Lakers and will be probably tired.

Here are some highlights:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lloyd ft. Ludacris "How We Do It"

cheap video,graphic and visuals suck. I'm still posting it because of Luda's verse.

Busta Rhymes new joints off The "Blessed" album

Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park "We made it"

"Don't Touch Me"- He takes us back to his old days on this one.

Byron Scott named Coach Of The Year

Congratulations to The New Orleans Hornets Head Coach Byron Scott for receiving the award today. It's well deserved, he helped turned things around for that franchise compared to last year where they were under 500 (more losses than wins). The team won about 20 more games this year and was very competitive in a tough Western Conference, they finished the season with the 2nd best record in the West (Lakers had the best).
He received the most number 1 votes and finished ahead of Doc Rivers (Boston Celtics) and Rick Adelman (Houston Rockets)

Obama outraged by Rev. Wright

T.I "No Matter What" (Brand New)

Angel Lova Luv bikini pics

I know I'm starting to obsess on the girl (fake or not)

G-Unit "I F%@# your girl"

Mixtape joint

Grand Theft Auto IV

It has finally arrived. The most anticipated game of the season is here people. I've been waiting for this. Grand Theft Auto, the 4th installment is dropping today worldwide and expected to break video game sales records. It looks like more than 6 million copies will be sold this week and even beat the previous record held by Halo 3 (not a big fan).
What's all the buzz behind it? Well the controversies, the video game is aimed at a mature audience because of its violent and sexual content. It's what the people want, a simulated interactive world where you can commit all sort of crimes and sins and get away with it. Plus, there is quality, the graphics are sick on PS3 and you can download and extended version on XBox(rumored to be a new city) and the game has been getting some great reviews from "experts" in the industry. (real experts are the gamers, let us be the judge)
The hype is real, so cop a copy or two cause you won't regret the experience.

Here's a review

Gone Fishin'

Oh yeah my boys in L.A made it happen tonight. The Lakers just swept Denver and are moving to the semi-finals. It feels good to be back at this level of the competition since Shaq left. We have finally rebuilt, it's our time and it's not just coming from Kobe's leadership but from the bench, Gasol, Odom, Fisher...everybody is contributing. We're waiting for you Utah (Houston can't come back).
So sorry to A.I and Melo but they're "going fishin'".

Also "going fishin'" are The Toronto Raptors they got eliminated in 5 games by The Magic.
I'm starting to become a fan of those young teams out in Philly and Hotlanta they're giving a lot to work for to those giants in The East. Detroit and Boston just can't get rid of The Sixers and The Hawks respectively.
Good job guys, I smell an upset in one of those series...Nahhh that's pushing it, they're just extending it, that's all.

In coaching news, Pat Riley just resigned from his coaching duties in Miami, the assistant coach is set to take over, he had a great mentor.
Hall of Fame inductee Coach Larry Brown is also in talks of taking over for The Charlotte Bobcats as their new Head Coach. Nothing is confirmed yet.

Here are your daily highlights:

NYOIL spits the truth

Anoher response to the Nas controversy. Great editing by the way.

Batman "The Dark Knight"

This is my most anticipated movie of the summer. Batman will be facing those two vilains in the movie: The Joker played by late Heath Ledger and Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart(his character was just revealed).

The Joker

Harvey Dent

The Batpod

and finally the trailer:

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Dream ft.Young Jeezy "I Luv your girl"

Plies ft. Neyo "Bust it Baby, Part 2"

Turkoglu Most Improved Player

It has been reported that Turkoglu, a native of Turkey, will receive the Award for Most Improved Player of the year later today. He deserved it with all those huge numbers he put up this regular season, all career highs. Almost averaging 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists a game, Turkoglu's performance this year has a lot to do with The Orlando Magic success during the regular season, they had the 3rd best record in the East.
So congratulations to you and your franchise.

Jay-z disses Deshawn Stevenson

That's really a low move by Jigga, and I see a lot of conflict of interest since he's a part owner of The New Jersey Nets. The league might investigate that diss he made about Stevenson. Lebron played the song in a DC club called Love. Hey DC where's the love for your own home team. I'm glad the players are boycotting that club,here's the joint:
By the way jigga nobody compared you to nobody, your buddy Lebron did. So stop being oversensitive and let the big men play their game. There's a reason why you are on the sideline at every game.

NBA Highlights 04/27

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain "Cash Flow"

Obama on Fox News Sunday

After 772 days Senator Barack Obama finally made an appearance on the show.

Karl Rove offers advice to Obama.

He was the brain of Bush and behind both his election and re-election.
Even though I don't always agree with what he stands for, but you got to give credits when it's due. He wrote a letter on Newsweek offering a few good advice to Senator Obama and he made some interesting points, like:

- After losing in Pennsylvania, Obama and his campaign should have come up with a new fresh political message, instead of the same old rhetoric.

-Should have stuck to one good explanation during the Reverend Wright controversy instead he gave a new one every other day confusing the public and the issue never died after that.

-Should give a hard proof evidence that he will unite the country by working on both end of the aisle, so Rove suggested that he starts talking about considering appointing a Republican in his cabinet.

-Don't fall into The Clintons attack propaganda, stick to your message of New Politics, not the old Washington- style Politics.

Not sure if Obama will take those to heart, but as a brilliant intelligent man, he should at least consider them.

Dizzee Rascal ft Bun B "Where Da G's"

Gotta show love to my UK people. Dizze and Ms. Dynamite are my favorites on that side of The Atlantic.

Here's the joint that introduced me to Dynamite (Classic flashback)

NBA Playoff Highlights 04/26

AI can't find an "Answer" to The Lakers defense. (Lakers leads 3-0)

The Hawks drag the series to at least 5 games. (Boston leads 2-1). That win messed up my bracket I had them swept in 4 games...Oh well!!

Utah steal another win from The Rockets.(Utah leads 3-1).

Same for Orlando they beat Toronto once again. Howard is just a Man-Child, he went on a monster blocking spree.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

NFL Draft

The Miami Dolphins confirms their pick today, Jake Long of The University of Michigan by having him #1. The pick was made days before Draft Day when they agreed on a contract. The Rams had the #2 pick and they went for Chris Long (I don't think they're related). At #3, The Atlanta Falcons chose Boston College QB Matt Ryan, they are in need of one with Michael Vick still in jail. And finally the biggest name of the Draft, straight from Arkansas RB Darren McFadden went #4 to The Oakland Raiders. That team better get into the Playoffs with all those great draft picks they've been having for the past two years (JaMarcus Russell QB, last year's pick).
The Patriots just traded their pick to The Saints.

Lupe Fiasco on Tim Westwood.

Step your game chain up!

Michael Jordan fires coach

Since taking over as President of Basketball Operations for The Charlotte Bobcats, His Airness has been trying to rebuild a strong solid team. Last year he signed Jason Richardson and hired Sam Vincent as Head Coach, today, after a disappointing season they agreed to part ways and the coach was relieved of his duties for the best interest of the team. They should be a better team when Sean May and Adam Morrisson come back from their knee injuries.
I hope MJ doesn't get some Isiah Thomas inspiration and decides he's the best man to coach the team.
He's the greatest player of all time and a great businessman, he should stick to that. No word yet on who will be selected for the job.

Stay tuned!

Rihanna "Take a Bow"

Loos like that Beyonce "Irreplaceable" joint, video and song concept-wise.

Brett Favre graces the cover of Madden 09

The Madden curse might be broken on this one since Brett Favre is retiring. As you all may recall whoever gets on the cover end up being injured or just having a bad season. Don't believe me, here are a few names of your favorite players of your favorite team who didn't do too well or sat out the season after being on the cover:

Eddie Jordan, The Titans- ran out of gas in the middle of the season
Dante Culpepper, Minnesota Vikings (at the time), injury
Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons-look at him now, he's in jail.
Donovan Mcnabb, Philadelphia Eagles- had a bad a relationship with T.O and injuries
Terrel Owens, Dallas Cowboys- still a bad teammate, it's all about him.
Shaun Alexander, Seattle Seahawks- injury

The exception to the rule were Ray Lewis and Vince Young who had better season after their covers.

The Pistons playing with fire

Are the Pistons really bad or The Sixers really good. Once again The Pistons lost and this time they got blown out by 20 points. They are putting their season in jeopardy and might go back to Detroit trailing in the series 1-3. I don't know how many times I'm going to say this, but they need to get it together. They are underestimating the opponent that's why they keep being surprised like this. They are playing with a cocky demeanor and keep getting a reality check.
The Spurs also won and are leading the series 3-0, no surprise there, I don't think The Suns are going to get swept, they're going to win at least one. The Dallas Mavericks took care of business as well by winning the games that are necessary (at home). the Hornets leads the series 2-1.

Congratulations to Grant Hill for winning the Sportsmanship award, this is the only award where the players themselves get to vote. Each team nominate one player and the whole league vote. the award spotlights ethical behavior, fair play and integrity on and off the court.

Here are some highlights:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Neyo "Closer"

It has an old school Michael Jackson vibe...

Marc Ecko spray paint Air Force One (The President's plane)

"Still Free" "Spread the Word!"

FHM's 100 sexiest women

This was an online voting competition, where FHM readers (not me, I'm a curve guy so I go straight to King mag) chose their sexiest woman. I'm not even gonna complain on this one but Britney Spears? Paris Hilton? Maggie Gyllenhaal? Ellen Page? Lindsay Lohan? come on you call that sexy. Let's be real here, you know a lot of Black Hollywood actresses and entertainers are missing here: Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, Stacey Dash, Paula Patton (That's what I call sexy). But it's cool, every magazine has its demographic, a crowd they have to cater to, if we black men don't buy the magazines, our favorite won't be in the list so don't complain.
Congrats to Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Selita Ebanks and many others for making it; don't get me wrong though also there are some fine women in that top 100, I'm not hating at all, I love me some Jessica Biel, Maria Sharapova,Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron.

Nobody will be satisfied by that list, we all have a different definition of "sexy"

Penis snatchers arrested in Congo

I know what went through your mind when you read that title, believe me I screamed the same thing even louder. But because of my affiliation with Africa (born and raised) I had to mention this, I grew up listenning to a lot of these mystical and mysterious stories where your parents put fear in you and make you believe that some sorcerers use black magic to steal your penis just by touching or shaking your hands. This has been common all over the sub-Sahara Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria and now the latest, Republic Democratic of Congo. About 13 alleged sorcerers were arrested to avoid some type of public lynching after men complained that while they were riding public transportation some people approached them wearing gold rings and made contact with them, as they were walking away they felt a pinch between their legs: Their penises were gone. Don't laugh guy, this is serious. There are some mysteries in the world especially in Africa that remain unsolved this one is one of them, don't ask me how they do it, it just happens.
Because of my cultural and traditional background I know that this is not just a crazy web rumor.

So beware next time you shake some hands, just double check. lol!

NC T.V stations refused to air Republican ad

T.V executives called the ad racist and divisive. Finally the media showing some decency ever since the Wright controversy. The Republican attack machine has already started and you can tell they are more worried about Obama than Clinton in the general election. I have yet to see any attacks against her from the Republicans.

Angel Lova Luv

I had to light up the mood

This is made in Africa people

Sean Bell killers acquitted

This is an outrage. 50 shots and no one is held accountable for it. No one goes to jail, everybody walks free.
As you may have remembered back in November 2006 a would be husband was pulled over by New York Police officers outside his bachelor party at a club and died from multiple gun shot wounds. The strip club was being investigated for being a safe haven for drugs and guns sales. What happens next, as Bell and his friends were exiting the strip club is still unclear because of conflicting stories of witnesses and a different version from the Police. His two other friends that were also wounded testified that Bell feared they were being robbed since the undercover detectives failed to identify themselves. He drove off, allegedly almost ran over an officer, that's when all 50 shots were fired.
This is not a race case, this is a Police abuse and brutality case. Two of the three detectives that fired their weapons are actually black and they will probably never recover from it. But imagine the pain of Bell's family, a woman will never get the chance to walk down the aisle with him, his kids lost their father, his parents lost their child,the family needs some closure, some justice. The Black Community added another statistics.
You thought The NYPD would have learned from The Diallo case, who died for pulling his wallet out of his jacket, no we are still counting wrongful deaths in their Department.
It's time for some Justice ! Trust me there will be a civil case, it's not over yet.

NBA Playoff Highlights 04/24

The Houston Rockets just had a hero last night, Carl Landry. He not only saved their blunder in the last minute and half of the game against The Utah Jazz after leading by seven points, but also the series. Utah was about to make a historical playoff game comeback, with two 3 pointers that brought them close to stealing the win. Houston didn't score in their last drive, so Deron Williams pushed the ball with 15 sec left and his lay-up was blocked by Landry. If that scare was not enough, Scola wanted to drag that on during his free throw shoot, instead of just hitting the rim to let the clock run out (.2 s left, after Utah fouled him), he makes it and give another opportunity to The Jazz to go for a alley-oop. They missed, and now we have a series(Utah lead 2-1). Rafer Alston come back was very valuable to the team.
It's also 2-1 in the series Orlando-Toronto and Cleveland-Washington.

Highlights and final scores:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright back in the news

He gave an exclusive interview to Bill Moyers at PBS. He tried to explain himself and called his portrait in the media quite unfair and untrue.

video 2
video 3
video 4

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kenny Smith spoof Kobe's jump

Leave it to the professionals

Will Smith "Hancock" 07/02

I just saw the trailer on T.V so i'm posting this. He's an obnoxious superhero.

Kanye on Connect 4 game

Jonah Hill knew he was losing so he pulled a slick one on Kanye. Peep also a snippet of the "Lollipop" remix. Kanye is jumping into the bandwagon and getting his T-pain on.

Connect 4 - Jonah Hill vs. Kanye from kwest on Vimeo.

Wesley Snipes sentenced to 3 years

The government doesn't play with their money people. Doesn't matter who you are if you owe taxes, you'll suffer the consequences. Hollywood movie star Wesley Snipes just learned that today when he was sentenced to a maximum 3 year sentence in jail and a 5 million dollar fine for tax evasion. The prosecutor definitely wanted to make an example out of him, due to the high profile of this case and all the media attention it brought upon it. The judge didn't consider the kind words of Oscar winner Denzel Washington and others like Woody Harrelson, T.V judges Joe Brown and Greg Mathis in letters where they were pleading for their fellow actor/friend (love the camaraderie here) for a lesser sentence.
This really sucks, no more vampire killing movies for three years (Blade trilogy). lol!
Pay your debt to society and come back even stronger.

Lil Wayne Carter III Album cover

I don't see anything wrong with that pic, I even call it original, heard some chicks call it cute too(He's definitely not cuter as a grown man, no homo! lol!).

The Game LAX album leaked tracks

Ice Cube "It Takes A Nation"

This is some hardcore gangsta ish!!

"So Young, So angry, Damn that rap music" lol!!

Usher ft Beyonce,Lil Wayne "Make love in this club" remix

You know they had to do the remix...

Time Magazine Cover: Obama-Clinton

The cover was inspired by the NBA playoffs T.V spot ads: "There can only be one"

Jam Master Jay alleged killer behind bars

Hip Hop Pioneer and Legendary Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay murder is still unsolved after years of investigations. The alleged killer however has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for unrelated charge of robberies yesterday. Ronald "Tinard" Washington was a suspect in the case when it appeared that he confessed being involved in the shooting death of his friend to his girlfriend and yet nor the Prosecutor nor the FEDS can't seem to build a case against him. The second gunman remains at large. Ronald is also linked to the shooting death of a close affiliate of Tupac a year after Tupac was ambushed at Quad Studios in NY.

Doesn't matter what he's in jail for, society is better off and I hope it brings a sense of closure to the family. One down One more to go.

R.I.P baby.

Snoop welcomed back in the UK

Finally some justice for rappers overseas. A judge, George Warr, recently overturn a ban on Snoop Dogg in The UK due to lack of evidence. As you may remember about two years ago, The Doggfather was arrested, allegedly, for public disorder at Heathrow Airport because of a brawl that subsequently caused injuries to some officers. With the new digital age, Snoop and his entourage were able to submit a videotape filming Snoop before and during the confrontation, he was playing with kids at the airport, signing autographs, just being the star that he is. He was not resisting arrest. Actually his rights were even violated since the tape show an officer shoving Snoop Dogg without him retaliating (big up for keeping your cool bro').
You can jump up and down, shake your tail 'cause he about to hit the UK pretty soon.

Mariah Carey sells 465k

Pop R&B diva Mariah Carey sold, according to Nielsen Soundscan and Billboard, about 465,000 copies of her latest album E = MC2 in her first week. Congratulations to another great comeback, those numbers sound like platinum with the slopping sales of CDs and growing numbers of downloads

Kobe's Vengeance

Whoever thought Kenyon Martin did a great job defending Kobe on game 1 was proven wrong last night because he just dropped a 49 bomb on the whole Denver Nuggets. They put anybody they could on him he was unstoppable, 20 points in the first quarter, made 10 shots in a row and even involved his teammates in the mix with 11 assists.
If you had any doubts about him being the MVP of this regular season, this was the latest audition. If you don't know, now you know brother!

The Pistons were also back on track, they blew out The Sixers and the series is tied to 1-1. Boston also laminated The Hawks by 20 points. I predicted a sweep for them anyway so this is not a surprise.

NBA Highlights:

R-Kelly "Hairbrader"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair"

Here's a rendition of a Spike Lee Joint "School Daze" by A. Keys and Black Hollywood (Derek Luke) I wonder which one she was playing the "wannabees" or "jiggaboos"

50 cent seems to have some issues with her "gangsta" comments. You are beefing with R&B chicks now? Yayo and Banks almost downplayed it, but couldn't stand up to the boss.

Break Up To Make Up

While Jay-z and Beyonce were signing their marriage licence, Swizz Beatz and wifey/artist Mashonda were announcing their separation (potential divorce) through their reps. No more details were given besides that they parted ways in an amicable manner.

Looks like Ray-J and Whitney Houston are once again on again, they were spotted hanging out together at an event. Can't believe she would even talk to him after all these disrespectful comments (actually the one he didn't say) about her and their alleged relationship he even challenged Bobby in a diss track.
Women, you never get them.

Star Jones finally opened her eyes and kicked out her "down low" husband Al Reynolds to the curb. She just filed for divorce and is better off without him. In the meantime she was spotted in Miami at a tennis game with Miami Heat D. Wade who he's also having some marital troubles. I don't think there is something there.

His buddy Shaq on the other hand he's working things out with his wife. They were seen partying together at a few Hollywood/Vegas parties, looking real cozy. Good luck to them, for the sake of their kids a nasty divorce is not the solution.

Moving along to Kanyezie who also announced a few days after the beginning of his U.S tour Glow in the Dark that he was calling off his engagement with long time girlfriend Alexis. This is so sad it was such a great looking couple.
Can't make any judgements on that we don't know what happened, I'm just hoping that it has nothing to do with his love for big tatas like he confessed in a recent interview or just his perfectionist ways to make this promotional tour look good. It's time consuming to aim for the sky.(I still haven't check out the show, waiting for my tickets)

NBA Playoff Highlights 04/22

The Spurs proved once again that they were the Champs by beating Phoenix. Dallas is really struggling, it's last year 1st round all over again where they can't beat a team they are supposed to, but got to admit that The Hornets are a better team. Orlando also won last night in a thriller. all three winners are leading their series 2-0.
check out the highlights:

Obama lose PA still in the lead

After weeks and weeks of bickering, attack ads, and controversies Pennsylvania got finally the chance to voice their opinion about the Democratic candidates and they chose Hilary Clinton. It wasn't a surprise win for her camp, Pennsylvania was fitting into her demographic: small working class, and union workers. The same demographic that helped her win in Ohio. Looks like the final numbers would suggest that she won by 10 point, all I see is a minor setback for the Obama camp since they got into this contest with a 20-25 point deficit 6 weeks ago, all the bad spins Obama got from the media and his poor performance at the last debate, none of that hurt him really. The Clinton's campaign is claiming a huge win because of all that money Obama spent in T.v ads but they forget to mention that because of bad money management her campaign is in a 10 million dollar debt, unlike Obama (41 million available) who can afford to spend that kind of money. Let's see how long she can afford staying in the race.
Indiana and North Carolina are now in the radar of both candidates the negativity won't stop, expect them to go at each other even harder.
The bottom line is that Senator Clinton won't catch up in neither popular vote nor pledged delegates, so I'm asking what's the point of staying in with all that money you owe? She claims to be the solution to the country economic crisis but can't manage her own campaign spendings.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Madona ft J.T & Timbo "4 minutes" Nina B-remix

Garnett Defensive Player of the Year

It was just announced that Kevin Garnett will receive the Defensive Player of the Year award. I don't know about this one guys, He's not the league leader in three key defensive categories: steals(23rd), rebounds(22nd) and block shots(37th). Somebody, probably feel obliged to give him something since we know he's not getting the MVP title (Kobe is). He beat out Camby, Battier, Bowen, Paul and Kobe. Somebody got rob here, for me Battier or Paul were more deserving. Battier because he always shut down the player he defends he has this technique of putting his hand in front of your face when you shoot the ball that is really effective, even Kobe was shut down by him on a few occasions. Paul because he leads the NBA in steals per game.
Oh well good for KG anyway, huge season turn around for him and The Celtics, I'm asking for a recount for real.

Click here for more details.

Bun B ft. Sean Kingston "That's Gangsta"

Stacey Dash on King Mag

Looking extra good for her age (40 something). Didn't know she had such a great future "behind" her.

Earth Day Save The Planet

Mother Nature is mad at us, Here's a dramatization of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

NBA Playoff Highlights 04/21

It's getting physical in Cleveland. Haywood was ejected last night after a hard foul on Lebron. It didn't seem to work since he almost had a triple double, 2 assist shy from it.
Houston also lost on what they call a controversial call. the game was close and Bobby Jackson made a 3-pointer to tie the game under a minute to go. The refs called an offensive foul on Scola after he pushed Kirilenko on his way to block McGrady shot (he didn't take it, he passed it to Bobby). Stop whining Houston,there was a foul,away from the ball yes,but still a foul.
Get it together or it's over for you in an embarrassing way (sweep).

Here are your daily dose of highlights.

Detroit Police Officer hire Hitman to kill wife

Back in December the wife of a Detroit Police Sergeant was killed in a parking lot of a CVS store while her husband was shopping in there. Right away the police had their suspicions about the husband being involved but just didn't have enough evidence to connect him to the crime,then again it was a colleague it's the last thing in your mind as an investigator.
So, months later, upon further investigation, the killer was arrested on an unrelated murder and turned out to be a hitman. He confessed 7 other killings including this one. A few hours later the husband's house was raided and he was arrested. They discovered that he paid the man 1,500 dollars as an advance for a 10,000 pay out. The remainder was never paid because he didn't want to alert investigators, so he was paying him off with small amounts of money.
The sergeant was hoping to collect a 200,000 dollar insurance money and go on to live with his mistress, he just needed the wife out of the way.
No matter what or when you always get caught so don't even think about it buddy.
Click here for more details.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Remembering Aime Cesaire 1913-2008

World renown poet, writer and political and anti-colonial activist Aime Cesaire passed away last Thursday at the age of 94. He's leaving behind a huge array of publications. He was the mastermind and leading figure behind "La Negritude" a Literary movement and concept promoting black consciousness and pride. His cultural vision and fight against racism and colonialism also influenced many generations of activists, authors and writers.

Gastric Bypass might cure Diabetes

I saw that report on 60 minutes this Sunday, it's really interesting what they discovered after operating on diabetic patient with a gastric bypass. They noticed that the symptoms of diabetes seem to disappear a few days after the operation. All the patients are off their medication(insuline shots). The tube that they cut off linked to your stomach reduce its size so you don't crave for food anymore and gives you more control on what you eat. Also they discovered that the same tube might be related to Diabetes. They did the reverse operation on rats with diabetes by first cutting the tube passage, the rats were cured, then reattached the tube and diabetes reappeared.
Interesting... Now they are fighting to approve this operation on patients that are not overweight by higher authorities. Remember gastric bypass is the last resort solution for obese and overweight people.

check out the video.

Mel-B in lingerie, Gabrielle Union naked

Gabrielle posed for Allure along Jill Scott

Stop the Violence

Recently Krs-One was hit by a bottle thrown by a fan at a concert-rally promoting his campaign "Stop the violence" in rough neighborhoods. How ironic to be welcomed with such hostility. Obviously this was the single act of a stupid moron who should be in jail right now so he could reminisce on his actions but then again he probably doesn't have any remorse. How dare you attack such a Legend? You must be crazy I'm surprised nobody came to KRS-One rescue and stumped the guy, just to give him a lesson. But wait it's a rally to promote non violence, so they were actually listening (unlike somebody) to the message and smarter than that, looks like he was the only stupid moron in the crowd.

In an unrelated news, a series of shootout occurred in Chicago over the weekend were 6 people died and about 20 were injured. The Police Department believes all those shootings were gang related. It's sad to have somebody kill another individual just to be part of a group.
Peer pressure have messed up a lot of people's lives(many are dead or in jail). We know we should say no, but peer pressure forces us to say yes just to fit in and be part of a group. Sometimes you have no other choice to kill or to be killed it goes in the same sens of that other street law/ mentality where if you are not one of us you must be against us.
Black Fathers it's about time you take responsibility and raise your kids instead of letting the streets or the neighborhood pimp and/or drug dealer do the job for yourself.

We can do it, Yes We can.

Nas "N-word" album

I don't know what's wrong with this dude. OK there is Freedom of Speech but there is also responsibility in your acts. I shouldn't be dignifying this but NAS is still going strong about dropping his "N-word" album. What is your objective on this one? educate or rally more white people to scream your lyrics filled with hate at your concerts or in their cars. He probably wants to shock the mainstream media one more time after all the attention brought by Don Imus and The Rutgers University fiasco. Miss Info just leaked what seem to be the lead single of his album. The song is titled "Be a n....r too". Hey Nas if you have no self respect for yourself and consider yourself a "N.....r" go ahead and call yourself that but don't try to flatter your ego by inviting others to call themselves like that. I thought you were smarter than that. What happened to the beautiful poetry you use to write, you have fell off your pedestal, I have no more respect for your music. You know the history behind that word, and for you, a black man to try to make it cool and use it as a shock value just to boost some Cd sales it's not only ignorant but also shameful. That word comes with so much baggage, I even have a problem with the one my fellow black brothers use among them. I refused to be demeaned like that or have my heritage reduce to such self hatred and racism.
Do some good for your community, lead by example...Wash your mouth!
Don't do it reconsider.

Ginobili Sixth Man of the Year

The NBA kicked off the award season today by announcing the laureate of the 6Th man of year award. It's well deserved since he was the only bench player in the league to lead his team in points scoring, he averaged about 20 points a game coming off it. Impressive numbers by Ginobili, he received 615 out 620 1st place vote beating Barbosa, last year title holder.
Congratulations to him and click here for more details

Upset in The Motor City

I can't believe Detroit lost game 1 at home against The Atlanta Hawks. We get one of those every year now with Detroit, They always start slow and are dragged into some 7 games series with some team that they should have eliminated in 4. They lost focus during the game, but big up to the Hawks they deserved that win. Like every year again, The Pistons are going to come back and finish them off, it won't be pretty but still will advance to the next rounds.
Just get it together.

The Lakers, however conducted themselves like a bunch of Champions by giving another loss to Denver on Sunday. Pau Gasol was just impressive killing The Nuggets in the paint. Out of frustration, Iverson was ejected. Kobe managed to get his 30 points with a bad half game but finished beautifully in the 4th.

Enjoy the highlights of Sunday's games

Danica Patrick wins Indy500

Danica Patrick finally won a race. It's about time after all that buzz and hype about her. It's been almost two years of marketing frenzy, posing in magazines in swimsuits, making subjective ads for her sponsors, appearances on Letterman and Jay-z' video produced by Budweiser (both spokesperson for the brand). She was getting the publicity an establish race car winner should get by actually winning or paying his or her dues. She's the first woman to win an Indy500, however she's not the first to break down barriers. Other women have competed at this level, but they never got that much media attention. Not to downplay her win, the only reason she won was because of a great strategy by her team regarding fuel mileages not because of her driving skills. In the final laps, she was up against Helio (winner of Dancing w/ the Stars), he chose to ease up on the gas pedal to save some fuel and she seized the opportunity.
Dont get me wrong a win is a win, don't just let her sponsors and media over hype it into some marketing frenzy.
click here for more details

Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a playoff openning

We had a thriller yesterday. Duncan made a three pointer to tie the game and send it to overtime so did Nash. This is going to be an interesting series but I still have the Spurs on top (Spurs leads the series 1-0). The other exciting game was the Wizards-Cavaliers, just like I predicted it, it ran high on emotions because of the pre-game trash talking, there was a few scuffles between players nothing physical. Please somebody tells Stevenson (Wizards) to put his money where his mouth is. If you going to call Lebron overrated and defend him you better do a good job on it because he killed you every time he was blowing pass you (and what a dunk he made last night). The Cavs leads the series 1-0. Utah also beat Houston (1-0), New Orleans won against Dallas (1-0).

Enjoy "the statue of Liberty" by King James

and some NBA highlights of all the games yesterday

Bernard Hopkins lose by split decision

Last night on HBO, the most anticipated fight since Hatton-Maweather took place in Vegas with once again a huge star studded arena from hollywood, to athletes and music entertainers. R&B singer and infamous amateur porn star Ray-J gave an average rendition of the National Anthem. Hopkins started strong in the first round and was able to knocked down Calzaghe. He got up immediately unshaken and took over the fight ever since.
Hopkins claims he schooled the guy half the match with some old school skilled fighting, but Joe had the crowd behind him and landed more punches than any fighter ever did on Hopkins. The fight went on for twelve rounds and came down to the judges' decision (2 from Nevada and one from Illinois).
Joe Calzaghe was crowned the winner of the fight (2-1) and remains still undefeated.
Hopkins didn't feel defeated claiming that the fans were the only real judge. I got to admit for a 43 year old man he gave a pretty good fight and his face was unbruised unlike Calzaghe's.
Now people are buzzing about each fighter next move, Joe might get Roy Jones and Hopkins might retire.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The NBA Playoffs are here

Last night i just put up my brackets on my Facebook and NBA account. The Playoffs start today with:

The Wizards vs. The Cavs: I got the Wizards in 7 games. Arenas is already talking trash, and you know how Lebron plays when is taunted. so this should be the most exciting 1st round series in the East.

Spurs vs. Suns: I have the Spurs in 6 on this one just because they're the Champs. Phoenix is still adjusting on how to play with Shaq.

Dallas vs. New Orleans: We all have underestimated the Hornets at the beginning of the season nobody had them at this level of the competition. Dallas is still struggling ever since the Kidd trade. So I believe New Orleans will win this one in 6 also.

Utah vs. Houston: Utah were the sleeper of the season went under the radar and managed to win their division title. Let's not forget they were at the Conference Finals last year. Houston has no chance without Yao (injury). It's going to be once again a first round disappointment for McGrady. Utah in 6.

In other news, New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas was finally fired by the new GM of the team Donnie Walsh. He will remain with the team as a consultant. It's about time those players get a new voice in the locker room. There is no name yet as his replacement, we shall see.

A deal to move The Super Sonics to Okhlahoma has been approved by NBA owners yesterday. The former owner plan to sue and get his team back. A deal is a deal buddy, let it go. They are better off there anyway.

Obama addressing 35,000 people in PA

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nelly feat Fergie "Party People"

Democrats debated more on who said what

I was really annoyed by the debate last night. ABC anchors this time didn't worry about the people's concerns at all. We had 45 minutes of questions about what the candidates said, regretted and already offered an explanation or apology for. Charles Gibson kept pondering on the infamous "bitter" comments, the Bosnia fiasco, the Wright controversy. None of these issues solved the economic troubles the country is facing. We had to wait more than hour to get a question related to Iraq, foreign or economic policies.
This was the worse debate of all the primaries, not because the candidates were going at each other but because the moderators were putting them in a situation where they had to. Obama and Clinton were just answering questions and they had to defend their positions. I understand Mrs. Clinton had to go hard on Obama, it's part of the game and I only see the good in it: Obama is tougher than ever. He has taken a few pretty good punches and is standing strong and tall. He's ready to face The Republican Machine of attacks.
Another issue was raised during the debate which is electability. Both candidates were more auditioning to super delegates than to the people of Pennsylvania or in the remaining contests. Senator Clinton has tried really hard to persuade them but it doesn't seem to work. Obama has picked up 7 more super delegates in the past week despite the fact that he was killed by the media for his regretful but true comments on the working class.
Finally, Howard Dean is acting like a leader by asking all undecided super delegates to commit to a candidate by the end of the Primaries.
Stay tuned

VA Tech campus shooting: A year later

A year ago, we were all in front of our T.V sets watching and learning about a campus shooting in Virginia Tech. We later discovered that a young troubled man who was struggling with solitude and mental health had decided to take the lives of innocent people and his own.
At the time many questions were raised about the safety of students in campuses around the country and the rights for students to bear concealed weapons. Many universities including my own stepped up their training on how to handle such situation. Today the topics are still hot, we are still discussing it and yet still don't have any answers. Some students coalition asked for my support on campus this morning to support some State Legislation that will allow students to carry concealed weapons in class. This is not the solution you don't solve campus killings by bringing more weapons in. Their argument is that the gunmen in VA Tech or Northern Illinois University could have been stopped if a student was carrying a gun. I say more innocent people could have been killed if they had engaged into a shootout.
The solution is no gun at all and if you do, sell those guns sell to the right people, sane in their mind and body. The laws should be reviewed on how permits to own a gun are appropriated. My policy is gun control since you can't take away the right of every American citizen to own a gun.
Just don't let your kids know where they at, separate the guns from the ammunition. We've seen too many high school and college killings since Columbine.
Guns are meant for protection, use it as the last resort. It's no fun to kill. someone.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Barrack Obama playing basketball

The man got game!!! for real.

We #1 Baby

Yepp! What a turnaround this season was, we proved the skeptics wrong. Many counted us out since Kobe voiced his disappointment with the management and Andrew Bynum last summer. But what it did is rally the troops and the team was standing by him, he became the leader many waited him to be since Shaq left. On top of that Mitch Kupchak made some very impressive moves, when many including me were asking for his resignation.
We got Fisher, Gasol(what a steal) and Ariza (finally got rid of Kwame). However, the biggest surprise was the improvement of Bynum he was having a monster season before the injury making his presence felt on every court, Kobe was trusting him finally and the team was back together. Odom is very comfortable as the #3 option of the team, his numbers have improved tremendously. Gasol is just magnificent. Props also to the best bench in the League: Farmar, Vujacic and Turiaf are very consistent.
Today on the last game for The Lakers and The Hornets, we needed a win or a loss by The Hornets to clinch the #1 seed in The West. The Hornets won by beating The Clippers and we took manner on our own hands by beating Sacramento. So now we have home court advantage all the way to The Western Conference Finals.
Kobe 4 MVP!!!!!

Jackie Robinson 60th anniversary MLB debut

This is a late post, I wasn't born to know how groundbreaking Jackie Robinson's debut in the Major League of Baseball, but I can tell you something as a black man my life is better because of his courageous decision to face all the racism and threats when he decided to play somewhere he wasn't welcome. He has always kept his cool when the worst name-calling were thrown at him before, during and after games, classy man who fought for civil rights and against segregation; a great inspiration for many generations coming.
Here's my favorite quote from him " A life is not important except the impact it has on other lives".
#42 Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on April 15Th 1947 and now is an Hall of Famer, his number was retired from all teams in 1997 only one current active player wears it. In Jackie's honor every players wore his number during the Padres-Dodgers game last Sunday. His legacy will not be forgotten and hopefully will inspire many athletes today as being role models and community leaders.
If you didn't know, now you know.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bill Cosby to drop Hip Hop Album

After criticizing the music genre for a long time, Bill Cosby decided to join the enemy (if you can't beat them...) and produce his own inspirational hip hop album to reach out to the kids. The album is slated to come out in the next months and will feature a lot of unknown "conscious" rappers. One thing i know won't be in it is a curse word or an uncut video made out of it.
I'm curious to see how he's going to tackle this one, probably with the same comedic flow.

Airplane crash in Congo kills at least 75

It has been reported by the AP that a plane in East Congo crashed shortly after take off around 3 p.m Local Time. This is another airplane accident in Africa added to the list. Not too long ago a plane crashed in Benin and East Africa. This comes after American Airlines had to cancel hundreds of flights due to technical problems. Africa doesn't have the same luxury of going through every airplanes and check their conditionss. If this comes as another technical failure once again, African authorities need to wake up and address the issue head on or many other innocent lives will be taken.
Click here for article.

Since we are in Africa, Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe current President has yet to concede his defeat to the Opposition Party. His Party lost the Parliament and General elections and he's trying to steal the democratic win from its people by not publishing the official results. It's been weeks now.
Leave with what's left of your dignity.

France to Outlaw too skinny models on the runway

Soon it will be illegal for Fashion designers, magazines, web sites and advertisers to promote extreme thinness in France. Today's The House Parliament approved a bill that will make it illegal. The Legislation is on his way to the Senate. Of course it's facing criticism from the Fashion Industry.
I say it's about time we get some curves back in the runway. Check out the article posted on Yahoo

Boyfriend staged robbery to kill girlfriend

Massachusetts couple in the Bronx were victims of what seems to be a robbery gone bad but further investigation showed that the boyfriend plotted with his cousin to kill his girlfriend because of their troubled relationship, with their kid in the backseat. click here for the article in The NY Times.

Obama's bitter comments

Obama was addressing a crowd at a fundraiser in California when he made the following comments "decades of lost jobs and unfulfilled promises from Washington have left some Pennsylvanians "bitter" and clinging "to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations". I'm probably going to sound too forgetful on this one or maybe biased because of the love and support have shown to Barack Obama in the past months, but I still don't see what the fuss is all about when the "bitter" comments were made. I'm sure not offended by it. Yes the man made some regretful comments that could have been phrased a little bit better. I understand where he's coming from, trying to express the frustration of people about the government not fighting for them, their jobs and homes. All they got left is their Faith to still believe in a better tomorrow. They also seem to blame the wrong people (foreign countries where their jobs are shipped: China, India, Mexico) and not the government so they don't sound unpatriotic (so they hold on to their guns to express their Patriotism). This time his eloquence has hurt him, because nobody understood what he meant so now everybody is trying to interpret and twist his words starting from Hilary Clinton and John McCain and the Press. They both have called Obama an elitist and out of touch.
Really Hilary?, who's more out of touch somebody who's made hundreds of million of dollars and never was poor or somebody who's worked in the streets of Chicago with poor communities and struggled in his childhood with his own identity. How about you McCain supporting Bush tax cuts for the richer and not giving it to the working class. C'mon People let's not get into the rhetoric here and stick to the issues and facts.
"You know better" siding with the enemy and attacking your fellow Democrat "Shame on You" Hilary.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rita G XXL photoshoot

Video girl Rita G famous for killing Kanye West in The Flashing Lights video and for selling her own worn underwear(yepp you read right, how low can you really go? Sad!!!) is featured in the current XXL mag "Eye Candy" section

A Spike Lee Joint

For those who watched the game Lakers-Spurs (Lakers spanked them) on Sunday you probably saw Spike Lee in the crowd with a camera, he's preparing a feature with ESPN on Kobe Bryant "One day in the Life of Kobe". 17 other cameras are all focused on him during that day (how many angles do you need?) This is another Hollywood move from Kove after he posted a video of him jumping an Aston Martin. On the question if the stunt was real he answered "This is Hollywod Baby".
Can't wait to check it out, ESPN is probably anticipating an MVP title for him like we all are.

I'm ashamed of posting this

How do you go from an Oscar to this? Three Six Mafia feat Dj Unk "I'd rather"

click here for uncut version

This just in

Carmelo Anthony of The Denver Nuggets was pulled over last night after their win on suspicion of Driving under the influence. He was booked then released after posting bail. This is too much distraction for the team especially when they are still fighting for a playoff spot with Golden State.
Good Luck to them...You know better buddy!

Political Jay-z

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lakers leading the west

After beating The New Orleans two days ago and The San Antonio Spurs today, The Lakers took the lead over the latter teams in the western conference. They clinched a playoff berth and The Pacific Division title. All three teams are now fighting for the #1 seed spot. All, The Lakers have to do is beat Sacramento on Tuesday. It's not a given, since Sacramento is known for beating top seed team in the West.
Let's cross our fingers, in the meantime enjoy this sweet dunk by Kobe during the Lakers-Hornets game

Lupe Fiasco "Paris,Tokyo"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hip Hop bits

Long time couple Jay-z and Beyonce have been rumored to be married, a lot of insiders have somehow confirm the union but the couple have yet to make an announcement. The ceremony was allegedly held at Jigga's appartment. They were both surrounded by close friends and family. The event was leaked a couple days before by Perez Hilton, since they purchased a marriage license in the State of New York.
Best of Luck to the couple.

Rapper Eminem is set to perform in June at a concert in honor of Nelson Mandela 90Th birthday. The show will take place in London and will be hosted by the Smiths (Will & Jada). A lot more artists have confirmed their participation. The proceeds will go to the South African Leader's Foundation.

Young Buck is officially out of the group G-unit. 50 announced his decision on radio after many speculated that both guys weren't seeing eye to eye. This confirms there was beef a long time ago. The rumors were true, the click was just in denial. 50 probably felt betrayed when Buck reconciled with a lot of his boss enemies (Game).
There was no more loyalty after that.

Foxy Brown is going to be released from jail in the next few days. However her legal troubles are not over. Charges against her for having struck her neighbor with a blackberry are still pending. Poor girl, her career is probably over that's why she's trying to revive it with a "Reality" T.V show. Her management is shopping the idea to T.V Networks.

Congratulations to Timbaland for winning the Songwriter of the Year Award last night (April 9) at the 25Th Annual ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA.
Well deserved.

R.I.P Proof

Today marks the two year anniversary of Eminem's long time friend and on stage partner death. The rapper was shot after an argument in a club in Detroit.
His fans, friends and families remembers him, a candle light vigil will be held this afternoon in his honor and a concert later tonight.

Ying Yang Twins "Drop"

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Congrats to Kansas

Congratulations to Kansas University for winning the NCAA Championship game last night against Memphis in a thrilling game that went to over time. Most of those kids are going to end up in the NBA, and KU coach might take a job somewhere else. This is one of the reason I never pay attention to College basketball, the champ this year is going to suck next year. You can't built a dynasty like in the NBA, the coaches and the schools take usually credit for their school's success in sports (I don't know any kids' name, you hear about them during March Madness or when they are about to enter the NBA draft). Universities gets a lot of money from sponsors and advertising and only tuition, room and board is invested in these kids, they should be paid more than that. The NCAA should revisit their rules about that. Can't wait for the NBA Playoffs though.
Final score 75-68.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Exclusive!!!! Usher "Love in this club"

Obama still strong

Many predicted that the Wright controversy (Obama's former pastor) was going to kill Obama's political career. But the man stood up and addressed the issue of race to the country and convinced us through a historical speech that the nation was in need of dialogue. Polls today are not only showing that the controversy didn't hurt him at all but also shrunk the Clinton's lead over him in Pennsylvania. Three weeks ago Hilary Clinton was leading by double digit, today CNN released polls that show the lead to be down by 4 points. Her campaign is still in state of "Denial", now they are trying to shoot down the latest news by saying that they knew Pennsylvania would be a close contest. This is their strategy to lower their expectations, they say that they expect to win by 4 points, if they win by more you'll see a huge celebration and claiming victory.
Obama might even end up with more delegates like in Texas by winning the popular votes in major cities like Philly.

Olympics Boycott

Early today manifestations in Paris forced officials of the Olympics Committee to turn off the torch 5 times. A lot of protesters are trying to get the international attention to the China-Tibet conflict. A lot of monks and Tibetans revolutionists were arrested a few days ago in connection to riots back in China. The French President Nicolas Sarkozy is pushing for also a boycott if China is not in talks with the Dalai Lama. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House also suggested such a decision to President Bush who intends to attend the festivities as a "sports fan" according to his staff.
China has become a Power House, most of the U.S debt is owed to the Chinese government, the whole world is in business with them and they hold most of the financial assets in the market. So a boycott might not only hurt them but also the rest of the world, yes China is still behind when it comes to human rights and political views, but people need to understand the cultural gap between them and the rest of the world. Whatever we see as an outrage is just business as usual over there.
Nothing is going to stop the Olympics we can keep voicing our concerns about China and Tibet it's still going to be a success with or without the world. Don't forget a billion of people are living there, so T.V ratings are not going to be an issue.

Hip Hop spoof

Failed Ideas in Hip-Hop 2 from jeff on Vimeo.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The greatest speech of all times: "I Have a Dream". Today's marked the 40th Anniversary of his assassination.

50 Cent's Baby Mama Drama

Madonna,Justin Timberlake, Timbaland "4 Minutes"

We got a hit people, not a madonna fan but this is a great track

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Jay-z signs 150 million dollars deal with Live Nation

This is the deal we've all been waiting for. Hip hop fans were anticipating the next big move for long time hustler Shawn "Jay-z" Carter after he and Def Jam were unable to renew his contract back in January. Today, The New York Times announced that Live Nation signed him into a 150 million deal, a record breaking one in the music industry, Madonna and U2 received the same type of deal last year. The package deal will include financing for his own entertainment venture, in addition to recordings and tours for the next decade. According to the article his outside projects, which are expected to include his own label, music publishing, and talent consulting and managing will be financed by Live Nation,they intend to contribute $5 million a year in overhead for five years, with another $25 million available to finance Jay-Z’s acquisitions or investments.
Jay-z will also receive a 10 million dollar advance per album and an advance payment of $25 million, some of that money coming from his current tour with Mary J Blige which is sold out in most cities.
Those type of deals are starting to become a trend, they were first given to established artists on the verge of retirement, but now they go to the biggest hip hop act in the world. This is going to reshape how major labels attract new talent and influence any new acts trying to get a deal. Obviously it's a sign the music industry is suffering from the slumping CD album sales and the wide popularity of music downloads, major labels are starting to look for other ways to overcome their financial losses.

Return of the injured

A regular season for an NBA team is usually marked by injuries and they can cost you a spot for the playoffs depending on the timing. The Lakers, The Wizards, The Clippers and The Mavs were happy to learn that their major player(one for each team) were reactivated from the injury list. Huge contributors for their respective team Gasol, Arenas, Brand and Nowitzki helped their team get back into success Wednesday night. They were all struggling during the time period of those injuries and all won last night except for The Wizards. Arenas had a huge impact coming off the bench and scoring 17 points but unfortunately lost against Milwaukee in a buzzer beater (109-110). Gasol and Nowitzki returns are big moral boosts for their teammates, they both contributed by just being on the floor and doing what they usually do, help their team win. April is the last stretch of the regular season, every team is fighting for either a spot or a better one since we might end up with all eight teams in the Western Conference finish with 50 wins or more.
Can't wait for the Playoffs!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MLK wiretapped by the FEDS

In an hopeless quest to prove that late Civil Right Leader Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist (bogus charge), The Federal Bureau released a 10,000 page memo to the public from the sixties confirming that they always had constant surveillance on Dr. King and even broke into his house and every hotels he was in to install some bugs. His every moves and conversations were recorded since the famous march on Washington, DC in 1963 and the charges end up being assumptions. The government assumed because he had friends with ties to the Communist Party that he was a member too. However the harassment wouldn't stop here, they tried to find any dirt on him and use it to tarnish his public image.
In some recordings, the Feds were surprised to record some of his sexual encounters in hotels and drunken parties, there was no evidence he was a communist. After his historical speech "I Have A Dream" the Government, according to the memo, qualified King as a very dangerous man. The investigation became a personal vendetta, FBI Director Edgar Hoover was personally following the case and then it got nasty. The Bureau was sending insults and threats to Dr. King trying to force him to commit suicide. In one note you could read "King, there is only one thing left for you to do," the letter concluded. "You know what it is ... You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation." and another had "You are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that." The letter went on to say, "The American public ... will know you for what you are -- an evil, abnormal beast," and "Satan could not do more."

The release of those documents have started a lot of conspiracy theories like The Government was behind his assassination. One thing we do know from this is despite the fact that he was watched 24/7 they failed to protect an American hero and failed to depict him as an embarrassment to the Nation.
We hope Obama is in good hands and that nothing will happen to him.

Akon, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg spoof video