Monday, August 31, 2009

Video: Willie The Kid "Tell Em"

Feeling the beat on this one and the "skrippers" in it? Oh boy! The Kid rolls with DJ Drama & The Aphiliates, Gangsta Grillz mixtape "The Fly" coming September 9th.

You Bastards!!!

Joe Budden "No Competition"

Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League.

Joe Budden - No Competition

Props to 2DBZ

Jay-Z "Blueprint 3" & Rhapsody Commercial

The coolest. Jay and Rhapsody team up to re-create all the 10 album covers. In case you don't recognize them let me send you a "Reminder":

In order of appearance...

1- Reasonable Doubt
2- In My Lifetime... Vol. 1
3- Vol 2...Hard Knock Life
4- Vol 3...Life & Times of S. Carter
5- The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
6- The Blueprint
7- The Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse
8- The Black Album
9- Kingdom Come
10- American Gangster

Young Money Presents "America's Most Wanted" Tour [The Review]

It's been weeks now since a "warrant" has been issued for Young Money Entertainment roaster. Word on the street was they were traveling across the country and planning to make a stop in Detroit, MI. Hip Hop fan that I am I vowed to check them out.

It turns out when I showed up at the DTE Energy Center an hour early, I wasn't the only one holding the information. Thousands of kids and adults were already tailgating in the parking lot and blasting music (mostly the latest underground mixtapes of the lineup) through their car speakers. You can feel the excitement and electricity in the air as you enter the Festival-like venue.

It's showtime.

R&B heartthrobs Jeremih & Pleasure P respectively hit the stage and had the ladies testing their vocals chords through piercing screams. Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" and Pleasure P "Boyfriend # 2" were the crowd favorites, all the girls were singing along without missing any lyrics. The fellas on the other hand were in for a treat as well, with the very talented dancers moving to every ouhs and ahhs of the singers.

Now that the crowd has been warmed up, it's Soulja Boy's turn. He walks out, the teens are hollering and waving, cameras flashes can't outshine the heavy diamond encrusted chain on his neck. Its weight doesn't slow him down from hopping all over the stage and feed the crowd with the energy he brought with him. It seems to work because everybody is bobbing their heads to tunes like "Gucci Bandana" and waving their hands as he instructs them to do with his #1 hit "Turn My Swag On" playing. An infectious song that kept everybody on their feet. In mid-set he slowed it down a bit for the ladies with "Kiss Me Through The Phone" and the young group of teenage girls in front of me were literally doing that.

Lil Wayne's most feared accomplice Young Jeezy needed no introduction. Before his entrance a Breaking News spot is showing on the screen. The Snowman is wanted all over America and today he's in the Motor City. Detroit is his second home as he kept reminding the crowd. Motown gave him the welcome he deserved, we rose on our feet and saluted him with rap-a-longs and adlib fillers (Yeeaaaaaah!!!) His set included cuts from his classic mixtape "Trap or Die" and hits from his mainstream albums. Jeezy stepped up his stage performance by including a Live band, your average rapper usually get away with a simple DJ. He even went acapella a few times to highlight his wordplay.
Now, you know Jeezy wouldn't leave the stage before giving us that Thug Motivation (TM). Jeezy took us early back to school (I start 09/09) with a lecture on TM 101 and TM 102, he urged us to register for TM 103 when it comes out as he exited.

After a quick short intermission to prepare the stage for the man of the hour, Lil Wayne makes his way center stage, the place explodes, so do the fireworks set above. Wayne is the most wanted in America and he wasn't hiding tonight, he couldn't anyway because of the spotlight on him. This is the loudest the crowd has been all night it made me regret not buying those earplugs I saw on sale earlier. The production was not shy on the pyrotechnics, fire was blazing when the DJ cued "Fireman", a white thick cloud of smoke covered the whole stage when Wayne asked us about that "Kush". Dancers help Wayne put a visual on songs like "Lollipop" and "Mrs. Officer".

The unofficial first lady of Young Money (Nicki Minaj still holds that title), Shanell also assisted the Boss in a couple cuts. Her daring outfit and impressive vocals while performing "Prom Queen" made it her most memorable appearance.

After showing love to Birdman and to his DJ with the fitting track "Go DJ", Wayne felt obliged to show the same kind of affection to the rest of the family so he introduced us to Lil Chucky, Lil Twist, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Mack Maine and of course Nicki Minaj ("It's barbie bitch!"). Drake couldn't make the show due to a torn ACL injury.

You couldn't ask for a better way to end your Summer as some of us head back to college. You must experience this Hip Hop and R&B display of young talent. The transitions between sets were smooth and the pyrotechnics quite impressive. Entertainment is part of Young Money and we sure got our "Money's" worth (see what I did there? Never mind). Musicians always look for the crowd's feedback as they display their artistry. Everybody was responding to every single prompt, so I know at the end of their respective performances they proudly uttered the words "We killed it!".

Thanks again to Sarah for this memorable experience and the great seats.

Young Money got it right! They are still on the run, catch them if you can.

Young Mullllaaaahh Baabyyyy!

Pitbull ft. Akon "Shut It Down"

Produced by Clinton Sparks & DJ Snake

Jay-Z ft. J-Cole "A Star Is Born"

Another BP3 leak. Jay saluting all the major "Stars" in the Rap Industry. J. Cole held his ground on this one.

Jay-Z ft. J-Cole - A Star Is Born


Lloyd ft. Juelz Santana "Pusha" [Prod. By The Runners]

The full version of what was just the snippet of a leak a while back. Updated with Juelz Santana's verse.

Lloyd ft. Juelz Santana - Pusha [Prod. By The Runners]

Props to X

Jay-Z ft. Kanye West "Hate"

Finally a leak featuring and produced by Kanye West and it sounds hella good.

Jay-Z ft. Kanye West - Don't Hate

Props to Lowkey's weed carrier

Video: Trey Songz ft. Drake "Successful"

After so many trailers, sneak peaks, extended trailers and previews... The video is finally out.

Directed by Jake Davis.

50 Cent & G-Unit Family Day @ Six Flags

50 Cent bussed hundreds of kids and their respective families from his neighborhood to a fun day at Six Flags Great Adventures Amusement Park in New Jersey. He was scheduled to perform back in Queens but Mayor Bloomberg and the Police Department never issued a permit claiming fear of escalated violence.

50 love the kids.

Amerie "Giant" Magazine Photoshoot

The best legs in the bizness.

Run DMC & Jam Master Jay Get Street Named After Them

In Queens, NY. This is for Hip Hop!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Q-Tip & Mark Ronson @ MJ's Birthday Celebration

Mark Ronson, Q-Tip & DJ Spinna @ the Nokia Theatre in NYC celebrating what would have been MJ's 51st birthday. Ronson played "Lisa it's your birthday" - Michael Jackson's guest appearance on the Simpsons singing a Birthday Song for Lisa Simpson with Bart.

Spike Lee's Birthday Celebration for Michael Jackson

At Prospect Park in Brooklyn,NY.

Reverend Al Sharpton (giving the introduction in the video) and many other were in attendance for Michael's 51st birthday.
The King of Pop was supposed to be buried today but unfortunately the family postponed it once again.

Video: Young Chris, Beanie Sigel & Freeway "Last Two"

What ever happened to State Property?

HBO Sports "24/7" Mayweather vs. Marquez [Ep. 1]

The most entertaining Reality show on TV along with "Hard Knocks" (also on HBO). The documentary style shoot, the voice over and of course Mayweather make this TV series a must-watch. You couldn't ask for more. Floyd's personality made me watch it and "24/7" made him famous.

Don't forget to catch it every Saturday at 10PM (Eastern).

Cassie "Can You Feel Me"

An Electro/Dance sound.

Cassie - Can You Feel Me

Election Day in Gabon

Sunday August 30th 2009, it's election day in Gabon.

Citizens of this country all over the world, young and old will wake up to make their voice count. No matter the intimidation or the threats coming from all political parties or the government, we will head to the nearest voting booth and cast our votes. We know we're about to make History. We will make sure, when the polls close, that every single vote is accounted for publicly, not behind close doors.

Once the results are official, losers will congratulate the winner and next President of Gabon. Because the rest of the world is watching you will not embarrass us by showing immature and irresponsible behaviors like burning cars and tires in the streets just to protest the results. Instead you will respect the legal process and file a petition to the highest Court and contest the results.

Do not put the Life of our families and friends in jeopardy by clashing with the Police. To the current government in charge, your transition period is almost over, so make it count: Do not abuse your powers, do not overreact to any public gatherings in the street. Allow the International Press to properly report the facts, Censorship will only make it worse.

Gabon, I got faith in you, Get it right and make us proud.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jay-Z Interview w/ Myspace UK

Johnta Austin "Ghetto Girl"

It's another one from Lifers & Ocean's 7 member Johnta Austin. Produced by Scott "I'm making a comeback" Storch.

Johnta Austin - Ghetto Girl

Props to HHNM

Amerie ft. Lil Wayne "Heard Em All" [Rmx]

Remix from Ms. Amerie and Mr. A-Millie..

Amerie ft. Lil Wayne - Heard Em All [Rmx]

Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan "World Tour"

New cut produced by Cool & Dre from Wale's upcoming album "Attention Deficit", schedule to be hit stores October 20th.

Wale ft. Jazmine Sullivan - World Tour

The Williams Sisters Dance-Off Warm Up

LMAO! Embarassing! They don't know how to dance at all. Wow!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jay-Z On "Real Time With Bill Maher"

Fun interview. Jay has a dry sarcastic humor, I like it. Bill did his homework for this, he grilled Hov on the content of his lyrics and asked him about rappers like Biggie, Pac and "egotistical" (Bill's words, not mine) Kanye West, who Jay called a genius.

Things I learned: Jay-Z had 10 #1 albums and no #1 single.

Props to RR YourAudioFix

Video: V.I.C ft. J.Futuristic "Say Bow"

Snoop Dogg "That's Da Homie"

Snoop Dogg - That's Da Homie


According to the NY Post, Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein was found dead in his NY apartment late this afternoon. Almost a year ago, September 19th 2008, Adam and Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker were the only survivors of a plane crash in South Carolina, 4 people died.

Thoughts and prayers to the family.

Mary J. Blige ft. Drake "The One"

Q-Tip On The MTV Top 10 MCs list [ThisIs50 Interview]

Wale Live Performance @ The Heineken Red Star Soul Tour

In Houston, TX.

Pill Interview w/ HipHopAtLunch

He has a story to tell.

Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K10 is "Amazin" [Game Trailer]

Great graphics.

Rakim "The Seventh Seal" Album Cover

Spotted @ X

Movie Friday Trailers

Avery Storm "Promise"

Avery Storm - Promise

Shaq Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel

Some pure comedy. Shaq tells a story about his cellphone and a monkey spitting on him. They later played a game of Scrabble.

Ghostface Killah Presents "Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry" Album Cover

Raheem DeVaughn ft. Ludacris "Bulletproof"

First single of his upcoming double disc album "Love & War MasterPeace"

Raheem DeVaughn ft. Ludacris - Bulletproof

Props to HHNM.

The Playstation 3 Slim "Does Everything" [Commercial]

Finally a price I can afford, I'm copping it after I trade or sell my PS2 (yeah I'm still on that old joint). In stores September 1st.

Nas Vs, Nardwuar [Interview]

Some of you Canadian heads might be familiar with him (MuchMusic Channel). I wonder if Nas was aware that dude was jockin' him.

Nas: You trippin' me out!


Michael Vick NFL's Return

First appearance since he was signed to the Eagles.

Coach Reid tested out different variations on how to utilized Mike Vick. Different plays were given to him. As a QB he threw a couple shuffle passes and one laser for more than 10 yards (completed). He also was a Running Back and posted up as a Wide Receiver to confuse the Jaguars' defense, the play was a fake pass by McNaab thrown to him.

A McNaab & Vick combination is going to be very hard for defenses to figure out.

Mario "D.N.A" Album Cover

In Stores October 13th.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tony Yayo & DJ Drama "Gangsta's Paradise" Mixtape

Back cover ^^^ >>> Front cover. Mixtape premiered on ThisIs50

Download: Tony Yayo - Gangsta's Paradise [Mixtape]

Mixtape: Aaliyah "Baby Girl" [The Best Of Aaliyah]

Best of Both Offices and Three/21 present “Baby Girl: The Best Of Aaliyah”, a 2 disc tribute compilation dedicated to the late, great Aaliyah. Growing up in the 90’s, Aaliyah was the pinnacle of success as an R&B artist who crossed over into Pop Icon status. This collection is a must for those who experienced Aaliyah’s promising career firsthand. It features almost all of her hit singles as well as rare B-Sides and Remixes including a joint she did with Beck. The homie Jesse Boykins III also contributed a heartfelt song to the mixtape.

Download: Aaliyah - Baby Girl [The Best Of Aaliyah]

Another tribute to Aaliyah, this is a must have! Click "download" already...

Common's Vlog #29

After his video shoot with Queen Latifah for her new joint "Fast Cars".

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs

Yepp! I tagged that in the "cool stuff" section. Check it out, spotted at Yeezy's

Video: David Guetta ft. Akon "Sexy Bitch"

In The Lab w/ Producer DJ Khalil

The next big thing when it comes to Hip hop production. Watch him break down how he built the Clipse "Kinda Of A Big Deal" track.

Nipsey Hussle ft. Snoop Dogg "Gangsta's Life"

Off their upcoming mixtape.

Nipsey Hussle ft. Snoop Dogg - Gangsta's Life

Jadakiss Released Statement Regarding His Appartment Being Raided

What happened on Saturday was an unfortunate situation but one in which I have no involvement in. Since the release of my recent album "The Last Kiss," I have been on the road touring and promoting my project. I am focused on my performance schedule and career.

Now add the adlib "Ha Haaa" *Jada's voice* to that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Snoop Dogg Live Performances in Netherlands

Snoop Dogg and his live band the Snoopadelics performed in Rotterdam, Holland (same difference).

Sean Kingston Covers "Billboard" Magazine

Don't underestimate those ringtones Pop singers/rappers, yeah you too Flo Rida. *shots fired*

Drake ft. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne "Forever"

Not the official Mastered (CDQ) version that's supposed to hit iTunes on Friday but before then (since the Internet never waits) enjoy Eminem murks this joint. The song will be featured in Lebron James "More Than A game" Documentary movie soundtrack.

Track produced by Drake's right hand man, Boi-1da. Sorry the version is tagged, everybody's fishing for exclusives nowadays.

Speaking of Wayne, I just got word from his touring people (Thanks Sarah) that a ticket will be awaiting me at Will Call this Sunday for his concert. I'll report back soon.

Drake ft. Eminem, Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Forever

Props to whoever dared to tag this unfinished version NR [CDQ].

Leatherman "Wrath" 2083 Bike Concept

The Wrath concept has us thinking, which is something quite unusual for us to do. Will the present be considered “retro” in the future? Or will retro remain retro and present be something else? Whatever the case, this “future modern retro” chopper for the year 2083 will rule streets in an age when everything is completely controlled by computers and electronics, which should be entirely possible considering the current rate of global development.

Spotted @ Yeezy

Video: Lyric "Let The Beat Ride"

All you need sometimes for a dope beat is a table, a couple pens and of course great hands coordination. Add some lyrics to it and you have a Youtube hit.

And yes, I was talking to you overpriced producers. *shots fired*

Spotted @ RR

Usain Bolt Hearts Him Some Lil Wayne & Jay-Z

Their music that is, especially the lyrical content.

Jay-Z Covers "XXL" Magazine [October Issue]

R.I.P Ted Kennedy

Thoughts & prayers to the family.

Jay-Z "Venus Vs. Mars" [Prod. By Timbaland]

So another Timbo joint got leaked (He needs to fire somebody) by the NMC, Jay's camp now knows the source, they better get on their job

This one is a wittier track from Jay when it comes to wordplay, the leaks are getting better I guess.


"Me I'm from the Apple, which means I'm a Mac/she's a PC, she lives in my lap"

"Shorty likes Pepsi, me Imma Coke man/body like a Coke bottle, I crush it like a Coke can"

"My dollars was down, she left me for some Euros/Took my whole flavor, I call it Coke Zero"

Jay-Z - Venus Vs. Mars [Prod. By Timbaland]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remembering Aaliyah 01/16/979 - 08/25/2001

Can't believe it's been 8 years...We miss you!

BET.Com "Studio Rats" W/ 9th Wonder

Words from Lowkey:

Before we proceed, let me explain the concept of “Studio Rats”. “SR” will be a brief segment of your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B producers/DJ’s cooking up the freshest product right before your very eyes. Thing is, “SR” is specifically hand crafted for the users of Looking for your favorite producer? Let me know who you want to see and I’ll do my very best to get him/her doing what they do best. Now, on with the program….

Crafting hits for the likes of Ludacris, Little Brother, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Destiny’s Child, Common, Boot Camp Click and a plethora of others, 9th’s placement in this thing we call hip hop is pretty much solidified.

So with that said, I reached out to the proper personnel, pitched them the idea and this is what I got in return- ENJOY!

Video: Ghostface Killah ft. Raheem DeVaughn "Baby"

Twerk Team "She Thirsty"

Oh Boy!!!!

Fabolous Live Performance @ Santos [NYC]

He catered to the fellaz (”Breathe”, “I’ma Do It”, “Salute”, “Diamonds”) and played freeze tag with his female counterparts (”Miss Independent”, “Rockin That Thing”, “Shawty Is Da Sh*t”, “Make Me Better”, “Superwoman”). Oh, I forgot to mention he brought along his live band. Yeap, Fabolous is finally growing up.

Pros to Lowkey wearing his BET SoundOffTV hat.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sneaker Pimps Chicago: The Live Performances

The Clipse & Mikkey Halsted both performed. Props to TSS

Audio:The Hyperizers "Nike Hyperize" [Nike Basketball]

I posted the video a while back here's the audio if you were into it. What is it about athletes wanting to be rappers and rappers wanting to be athletes?

The Hyperizers: Mo Williams (Fog Raw), Kevin Durant (Velvet Hoop), Andre Iguodola (Chief Blocka) and Rashard Lewis (Ice-O)

The Hyperizers - Hyperize [Nike Basketball]

Video: Lil Boosie "Back In The Day"

Bow Wow "The Greenlight" Mixtape

Download: Bow Wow - The Greenlight Mixtape

Nipsey Hussle "Hussle Is My Last Name"

Nipsey Hussle - Hussle Is My Last Name


Video: Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck & Method Man "House Of Flying Daggers"


Raekwon ft. Lyfe Jennings - Catalina [Prod. By Dr. Dre]
Raekwon ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah - 10 Bricks [Prod. By J.Dilla]

Props to NR & Mr.X

Nas & Damian Marley Interview w/ DJ Semtex

I caught up with Nas and Damian Marley at Rock the Bells in L.A. They talk about their forth-coming ‘Distant Relatives’ project.

*The concept of Distant Relatives.
*How they hooked up.
*Working in the studio.
*K’naan gets the ultimate co-sign.
…..and more.

The Nas footage isnt the best, but thats how it goes when you get 10 minutes with one of the hottest rappers in the game in his tour bus, 12 minutes before he hits the stage.

There wasn’t enough room on the tour bus for my camera crew.

Jay-Z "Reminder" [Prod. By Timbaland]

All bloggers with comments, please I come in peace

Better than "Off That" but still not a memorable one. Maybe it will grow in me if I keep listening to it.

Jay-Z - Reminder [Prod. By Timbaland]

Props to the NMC.

Jay Rock ft. Glasses Malone "Dollars Make Sense"

Clinton Sparks ft. Pitbull & Fatman Scoop "On To You"

First single.

Clinton Sparks ft. Pitbull & Fatman Scoop - On To You

Video: Asher Roth ft. Keri Hilson "She Don't Wanna Man"

Watch Asher get rejected by Keri on the dance floor.

Joe Budden TV: "Ladies, How Many Chances Do We Get?"

ItsTheReal: "Run This Town: Official Director's Commentary"

Not their best work.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trey Songz "Ready" [5 Leaks]

Just call it Music Sunday Leak. All of a sudden I'm more excited about Trey's album than Jay's. The next BP3 leaks better come correct or else...

Trey Songz - Does It Do It
Trey Songz ft. Fabolous - Say Ahh
Trey Songz - Holla If You Need Me
Trey Songz - Panty Droppa [Intro]
Trey Songz - Neighbors Know My Name

Now that you got the previews, cop that "Ready" album in your local stores September 1st.

Props to Lowkey & Splash (who already has the whole album)

Jay-Z ft. Drake "Off That" [Prod. By Timbaland]

Oh! Oh! BP3 is starting to leak. This joint with Drake was supposed to be the first single and after you hear it you'll understand why it's not anymore.

It's aight! I don't like the intro.

Jay-Z ft. Drake - Off That [ Timbaland]

Props to Mr.X

Video: Soulja Boy "Rubber Bandz"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video: Young Problemz ft. Mike Jones & Gucci Mane "Boi"

The joint was featured in Gucci latest mixtape, it's banging hard in my whip right now even OG YN cosigns it. Good to finally put a face on those H-Town Young Problemz kids.

Spotted @ RR

Wyclef Jean & DJ Drama "Toussaint St Jean" Mixtape Leaks

I don't have the mixtape cover yet. Mixtape cover inspired by the movie "The Goodfellas". The joints sound crack they're heading to the MP3 player.

Wyclef Jean - Warriors
Wyclef Jean - You Don't Wanna Go Outside
Wyclef Jean - Streets Pronounce Me Dead

Props to X on the last 2.

Shawty Lo ft. The Dream, Ludacris & Gucci Mane "Atlanta, GA"

Expect a remix coming soon featuring the Atlanta All Stars a la Jermaine Dupri "Welcome To Atlanta".

Shawty Lo ft. The Dream, Ludacris & Gucci Mane - Atlanta, GA

Shout out to Mr.X

President Obama Gives Ramadan Message

You just learned something new about myself.

Yes I'm a Muslim and I'll be fasting for 30 days during this Holy month of Ramadan. No food and beverages, between sun-up and sun-down. This month calls for all Muslims all around the world to challenge themselves spiritually (to reinforce their Faith) and physically (no sex for example) by pushing their limits, changing or cutting their usual habits.

You learn a lot about yourself and your abilities during this month. The first couple days are tough, but as soon as your body get accustomed to the rhythm, it's all good for the next 28.

Happy Holy month of Ramadan to you all.

Video: Mya ft. Bun B "Show Me Something"

It's a shame she gonna have to show us a little bit more than "...Something" (a la Cassie-Rihanna) to create a buzz around her project. Sure she still got the goodies and the vocals but why should we care now?

Anyways I had a *blank stare* at the infomercial at the end of the video. When did we get to this point?

Get it right next time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Clinton Sparks ft. Bun B & Slim Thug "Pack The Gat"

Houston finest, no Chamillionaire Paul Wall, reunites for DJ Clinton Sparks upcoming album.

Clinton Sparks just learned of the leak here's what he had to say:

Oh Boy! Another one of my records not finished or mixed is out on internet leaked.How the Frig does this happen?? It Feat: Bun B & Slim Thug.
Its called "Houston" but leakers are calling it "Pack the Gat" it has dummy beat & no Paul Wall on it who recorded verse for it too..soon!!!

Clinton Sparks ft. Bun B & Slim Thug - Pack The Gat

Since it's not official yet, I'll stick to "Pack The Gat".

Props to HHNM

Video: Ron Browz "Tell It All"

Speaks on his use of autotune, his hit song "Pop Champagne" and the video, his feud with Jim Jones...

No autotune!

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Drake "Money To Blow"

Birdman ft. Lil Wayne & Drake - Money To Blow

Props to Splash!