Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video Vixen Stephanie Kyoko (Smooth Magazine)

Slim (112) ft. Shawty Lo & Yung Joc "So Fly"

Most expensive Oil Change Ever

Some rich Arab oil man or Sheikh or something, recently had his black and gold Lamborghini LP640 flown 3,250 miles to London via Qatar Airways and trucked to a certified UK Lamborghini dealership last Friday for a fluid change, which cost him a paltry £3,552 compared to the £20,000 round-trip flight. That's a grand total of £23,552 ($46,644 USD) for a freakin' oil change.


Spotted at Autoblog.

Nissan Datsun XLink

More pics here

Obama Condemns Luda's Track on Him then Fox News Jumps on It

The campaign released the following statement regarding Luda's Obama track:

As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to. This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.

Yes Luda went a lil bit too far on the lyrics calling Hilary a bitch and irrelevant, but to call him a radical for those lyrics and try to associate Obama to them is just another new low for Sean Hannity and "Fixed News". Just because I'm friend with somebody doesn't mean I think or act like him or her, I'm not responsible for their actions or words. Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is a great talent and this shouldn't be a symbol of who he is or what he stands for. One more thing Sean, when the campaign releases a statement that means Obama approved it so they are speaking for Obama (Unlike the McCain campaign that contradicts their own candidate statement), he doesn't need to give you a statement for such a petty controversy.
Stop using Hip Hop to scare America.

Get it right next time!

Yung Berg ft. Amerie "Get Your Number"

Yung Berg ft. Amerie - Get Your Number

Vibe Magazine Special 15th Anniversary Juice Issue (Jay-Z Cover)

Jody Breeze "Dis Morning"

Jody Breeze - Dis Morning

Dude is kinda underrated I always liked his flow when they came out with Boys n da Hood.

Nelly "Brass Knucles" Album Cover

So he went to the gym or to his steroids supplier to get his swexy on. Not hating just saying...Enjoy it ladies!

Speaking of Nelly, enjoy a couple joints from his artist Avery Storm, he was in that Biggie Duet Album.

Avery Storm ft. Pitbull - Here I Am
Avery Storm - Too Much

Casting of Notorious Big "Biggie" Biopic Movie

Never seen so many celebrity look a likes in one spot and you are not in Vegas.

Maino "If Tomorrow Comes" Album Cover

DJ Green Lantern & Charles Hamilton "Outside Looking" Mixtape

Click here for download

Spotlight: Music Production Crew 'Freshman' (Day 3)

Here's another beat (3rd one so far) for your ass! If you like what you hear holla back for a hookup.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video: Big Boi ft. Mary J. Blige "Something Gotta Give"

Freestlye: Tyga "First Timers Obama"

Tyga - First Timers Obama (Freestyle)

Another freestyle over the "A millie" beat, instead of "a millie, a millie, a millie" you keep hearing "Obama, Obama, Obama!" pretty original.

DJ Woogie & Lloyd Banks Presents "Bank Vault Vol 5"

I gave you Vol.4 now take 5 download it here

Paul Pierce: "I'm Better Than Kobe"

Pierce waited to be overseas Madrid, Spain to be exact to make some outrageous comments. When asked if Kobe Bryant was the best basketball player in the world he answered:
I don't think Kobe is the best player. I'm the best player. There's a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don't cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself

And his top 5 players in the NBA are: Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce.

Waw! Pierce not only you are full of yourself for putting your name and your Boston buddies in your top 5 but also delusional for thinking because you won 1 NBA Championship that you are better than Kobe. Before even comparing yourself to Kobe you need to get to his level with 3 championship rings, 2 All Star Game MVP and one regular season MVP. Then we the fans and sports analysts will start comparing your game skills and decide who's the best.
But let just assume that you are at his level for the sake of the debate, there is no way your talent and understanding of the game surpass Kobe's, There is no way your defensive skills surpass Kobe's and there is no way in Earth or in Hell that you'd be better than Kobe or Lebron or Wade or Duncan or Garnett. Now I understand as a professional player you convince yourself every morning when you wake up in front of a mirror that you are the best in the league to boost your ego and confidence but next time when you are asked keep it for yourself and show some humility.
Let's be real here, Pierce wouldn't be where he is right now without Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Last year Paul Pierce wasn't even talking like that because he was missing in action for the Playoffs.

I'm better than Kobe. Pleeeeease, in your dreams you are.
Get it right next time!

Michelle Obama Tops Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

Full list here

Elegance at its best!

LusoMotors LM GT

More pics here

The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart: "Rappers or Republicans

Ice Cube 'Raw Footage' Album Leak (Sampler)

Ice Cube- Raw Footage Sampler

New Music: Lloyd "Let Me Know"

Lloyd - Let Me Know

Video:Dem Franchise Boyz ft. Mannie Fresh "Mr. Feel Good"

Ryan Leslie "Wanna Be Good"

Ryan Leslie - Wanna Be Good

New Music: Ciara "Walk On It" (Polo Da Don)

Ciara - Walk On It (Produced by Polo Da Don)

Huey ft. Trey Songz "No Make Up"

Huey ft. Trey Songz - No Make Up

Alicia Keys ft. Phene "Teenage Love" rmx

Alicia Keys ft. Phene - Teenage Love rmx

'Cuil' Search Engine Falls Short of Big Expectation

So like a good ole curious internaut that I am I logged into Cuil (read 'cool' I believe) search engine on their launch day on Monday to check what the buzz was all about. They claim that they have a bigger database than Google's because of a newly developed algorithm or software that index the millions of web pages untouched by Google. First of all, before you make such a claim you need to make sure your site doesn't crash on launch day. Second of all make sure when you "Cuil" yourself your site appears as the top best result. Within the first hours of the launch I couldn't get any results on simple search words like I don't know "sedmos" for example(I know I Google myself too), finally when I'm able to, they bring up some weird links that have nothing to do with my blog and the pictures don't match the link or the search word.
I was expecting more out of them, the media was already calling them Google's biggest competitor well they fell short. They might have the biggest database but the search results suck.

Get it right next time!

WTF? Detroit Pistons Signing Kwame Brown

I still can't believe this guy was a #1 draft pick. He was picked by the Wizards and landed in L.A in a blockbuster deal his participation was nonexistent so we had to let him go to acquire Gasol from Memphis. Now Detroit, unable to agree on a deal with Josh Smith, claiming he's asking for too much money, dare even considering Kwame and agreed on a 3 year contract. See that's my problem with Joe Dumars and the owner they never want to spend money to acquire players (they are so cheap, that's how they let Big Ben go). They always go after the no name, 3rd round picks, undrafted type players hoping to get the best out of them. Sure they turned out to be great players (Chauncey Billups, Prince, Hamilton...) but at one point if you want to compete you got to spend some money.
We'll see how it will turn out, some players shine when put in the right environment, Detroit might be the best fit for Kwame or it could turn into the worst management move made by Joe Dumars.

In other NBA news:

-Ron Artest got traded to the Houston Rockets by the Kings (huge loss for L.A we tried to get him)

-Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy sentenced to 15 months in prison

-Charlotte Bobcats & Emeka Okafor agree to 6 year deal

-Timberwolves & Ryan Gomes agree to 5 year deal

-Luol Deng and the Chicago Bulls agreed to a 6 year new contract

-Atlanta Hawks signed Maurice Evans (Orlando Magic)

-Philadelphia Sixers signs free agent Kareem Rush (Indiana Pacers). I guess he doesn't want to play with his newly drafted brother in Indiana.

-Nenad Kristic leaves NBA for Russian team. I told you Josh Childress started a trend.

Spotlight: Music Production Crew 'Freshman' (Day 2)

I keep my promises check out this other joint from the Freshman crew. Once again focus on the beat it could be yours.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Video Vixen Carmen Ortega

Lloyd Banks "718 N***a"

Lloyd Banks - 718 N***a

NY Police Officer Tackle a Bicyclist

Anybody surprised? The cop claims before the video surfaced that the bicyclist was trying to run him over. Really? with a bike? Of course the Police Department took his word until the video surfaced and they were forced to discipline him.
Shame! Shame! Shame! I smell lawsuit.
Get it right next time!

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z "Put On" rmx

Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z - Put On rmx

He made a call to Kanye's Big Brother/Former Boss/ President Carter and of course he killed it with another jab at Prodigy and another hint on the Yankees deal.

Hey Guru put Lil T-Pain on my shit too! lol!

Cassie ft. Lil Wayne "Official Girl" rmx

Cassie ft. Lil Wayne - Official Girl rmx

Redman Going Green

That bitch goes from 0 to 60 in one day.

LMAO!!! Nice to see Hip Hop being concerned about the environment.By the way that was the Smart car, huge in Europe trying to breakthrough into the U.S

Bonus Video: I Run My Block

New Music: Joe "Can't You See"

Joe - Can't You See

Lyfe Jennings "Smoke & Mirrors"

Lyfe Jennings - Smoke & Mirrors

Rhymefest ft. Chamillionaire & Jadakiss "What's Up"

Rhymefest ft. Chamillionaire & Jadakiss - What's Up

Video: Jah Cure ft. Junior Reid

Ppppprrrahh!! Prrrrahhhh!!! Lol!

Akon ft. UGK "Bad as Hell" (updated)

Akon ft. UGK - Bad as Hell

A revamped version came out as UGK ft Akon - Hard as Hell

Clyde Carson ft. The Game & Sean Kingston "In Da Club"

Clyde Carson ft. The Game & Sean Kingston - In Da Club

Rick Ross in Denial! Denial! Denial!

Shame! with all the evidence he keeps blaming the blogosphere for his past. Be a man dude you are starting to sound like a politician, matter of fact you should run for McCain's VP.

Get it right next time!

Virgin Galactic's Mothership WhiteKnightTwo

British billionaire tycoon Charles Branson unveiled his new aircraft part of Virgin's new Space Program that will take tourists to the edge of the earth for the hefty price of 200,000 dollars and at that price you get to defy gravity. More than 200 people have already signed up for it.

New Joints R-Kelly "Son of a Bitch", "Go Low" & "Might Be Mine"

R-Kelly - Son of a Bitch

R-Kelly - Go Low

R-Kelly - Might Be Mine

Consequence ft. GLC & Really Doe "Disperse"

It's the Cons. nigg...!

Terrence J Finally Apologizes Face to Face

Spotlight: Production Crew "Freshman"

Check out my boys 'Freshman' crew:B.O.S, BOUGARD, HOKUBE, MICK MEF, KAIZE THE DEVLOP, PEKANZO & YM THE GHOST; - 2 rappers : EXELL & GUENKY straight out of France. They are making waves in the States, so to all aspiring and current rappers holla at them ( they got that fresh new beat you are looking for.

Check their Myspace page here

Here some early work from Mick Mef member of FRESHMAN...stay tuned! It so big I got to embed a player on this one. Focus on the beat only and I'll be posting a new joint every day until the end of August.

T-Pain "Th33 Ringz" Album cover

Ciara Billboard Magazine Cover

Lil Wayne ft. Nu Jerzey Devil "Pimpin"

lil Wayne ft. Nu Jerzey Devil "Pimpin"

Bow Wow ft. Swizz Beatz "Big Bank Take Lil Bank"

Bow Wow ft. Swizz Beatz - Big Bank Take Lil Bank

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Vitamin Water Ad:50 Cent, Joell Ortiz, Adrian Peterson...

Video: Charles Hamilton "November 10"

Fresh kid out of Harlem, crazy line about his 'pops' who failed to be one. Sticking in the same subject (kids growing w/o fathers) check out a new cat named Articulate freestylin' on Mr. Carter instrumental.

Articulate - Mr. Carter(freestyle)

Warren G ft. Ray J "Crush"

Warren G ft. Ray J - Crush

R-Kelly "Screamer", "Two Seater" & "At the Same Time"

R-Kelly - Screamer
R-Kelly - Two Seater
R-Kelly - At the Same Time

He sounds like the Dream on the first one, raps on the second and back in his raunchy ways on the last one.

The Clipse on New Album & Lil Wayne's Beef (DJ Envy Interview)

Sha Money XL on the Birth of G-Unit

DJ Woogie & Lloyd Banks Presents "Bank Vault Vol 4"

Click here for download

The Sniffing Dog - Watch more free videos

White House to Post Record Breaking Deficit Budget

The deficit is estimated at 490 billion dollars. The Bush administration took over a 128 billion dollar budget surplus 7 years ago and had ben posting deficits every year ever since.
It's time for some new leadership!

Click here for more details