Sunday, November 30, 2008

Viva Brazil!

Holy shit!!!! It's official I'm moving down there.

Whoo Kid Interviews Uncle Snoop

French Rapper Booba Interview on ThisIs50

The interview is in english so you can still watch, us multilingual don't have to worry about that. He's the most gangsta rapper in France I believe, he has some of that Cali/West Coast swagger.
A few months ago I posted a video of him throwing an expensive bottle into the crowd after a fan was taunting him at a show, he touches on that in the interview.

Akon's Interview on ThisIs50

The turkey has delayed a lot of posts since thursday, it's been out for a while, I'm catching up.

Africa baby!

They Got A Lot of Time in Their Hands

4 million dominoes used to break the Dutch record.

T-Pain "Tr33 Ringz" Album Features [Art Cover]

Kinda cool!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008

Video Vixen Ashley Albar

Happy holidays, just got done with my Black Friday shopping and got a bunch of electronics that I probably don't need but you can't ignored those huge sales, you never know.

Busta Rhymes Ft. Various Artists "Arab Money" rmx Part 1

Various Artists: Diddy, Swizz Beatz, Ron Browz, T-Pain, Akon & Lil Wayne.

Busta Rhymes ft. V/A - Arab Money (Rmx - Part 1)

Leaked on Thanksgiving Day and the studio session video definitely overhyped Busta & Diddy vs. Akon & T-Pain verses, I was expecting more.

Shawty Lo's Version On The Dirty Awards Brawl

Barbara Walters Interviews The Obamas [Full]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy that turkey with your family and stay away from the gravy.

Ludacris Invites Himself to Dave's Thanksgiving Dinner

The interview.

Performing "One More Drink" w/ T-Pain

Jamie Foxx ft. T.I "Just Like Me"

Nice track.

Big Kuntry & Alfamega Speak On The Dirty Brawl

Find more videos like this on : IF IT'S HOT IT'S HERE!

Big Kuntry's version

Alfa's version

Ryan Leslie Playing "Heartless" "OnDaSpot"

Lil Wayne Diss 50 Cent & Latest Mixtape

Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over Part 6 Mixtape
Bonus: Lil Wayne - I Feel Me

Back when 50 was releasing "The Massacre" album he was picking on Lil Wayne and calling him a hoe for jumping on everybody's record. The world was waiting for a response but nothing came out. Looks like Wayne did record a diss but decided not to go ahead and release it, well "The Empire" got their hands on the track "Louisianimal" and Wayne goes hard on Fifty (allegedly):

All About A Dollar, F*** Two Quarters
Bitch I’ll pour syrup in that Vitamin Water
I hope you die ugly, and tonight will be gorgeous

Lil Wayne ft. Lil Boosie - Louisianimal

Can't wait to wait to hear Curtis 2 cents on it, can he murder his career too (Fat Joe, Ja Rule)?

Who Got The Hottest Verse for "Arab Money" rmx ?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy Shit B' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm turning into a stalker guys.

Ludacris & Shawna @ NY Highline Ballroom

Shawna show off her booty clap skills on this one and the crowd went wild. I feel like hitting the strip club now...

Xzibit "Gotta Get 'Em"

Xzibit - Gotta Get 'Em

It's a tribute to his late son that passed away a few months back and yeah he cut his hair.

Chromed Out Bugatti Veyron

That's just too much.

Kanye & Jeezy Performs "Amazin" & "Put On" On BET

More Kanye rounds on Late Night Shows:

B.o.B ft. T.I "I'm Dat Nigga"

B.o.B ft. T.I - I'm Dat Nigga

Young blood is really moving up in my talented rappers scale. Feelin' the joint, B.o.B killed T.I on it ("Ok you got that") according to both of them.

Diddy's "I Am King" Mini Movie

Here's a statement from the music/fashion mogul:

I am debuting my new movie “I Am King” for my new fragrance “I Am King” which is available exclusively at Macy’s. This fragrance is dedicated to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King and all you men out there who take care of your families and respect and treat yourself like the Kings that we are all. I would like to also announce that this is my audition tape for the next James Bond. There is a black president and it’s time for there to be a black Bond. God Bless.

Really Puff? Bond? C'mon You gotta have box office potential to even audition for that role, your latest movie made it straight to DVD. I don't know about buddy and Craig is doing a hell of a job on that Quantum Solace and the numbers are not lying (70 million on that weekend opening), so the role is his for a while. Just stick to selling your damn perfume and making us laugh.

Brooke Valentine ft. Jamie Foxx "T-Shirt n Panties"

Brooke Valentine ft. Jamie Foxx - T-Shirt n Panties

I had a pic of her in a t-shirt and panties but just panties does it for me, lol!

Video: Jim Jones ft. Sen & Shoota "Bad Santa"

Surprisingly good, gets you in the holiday spirit in a Hip Hop way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More R&B Joints

Usher - The Dirt
Day 26 - Come With Me
Usher - What's Your Name
Akon ft. T-Pain - Holla Holla
Sean Garret - Lay Up Under Me
Avant ft. Snoop Dogg - Attention

Video: Ne-Yo "Mad" and Some Joints

Ne-Yo - A Little Space
Ne-Yo - Out Of My League

Both joints produced by Stargate.

Brawls Broke Out @ The Dirty Awards Show [ATL]

Dirty Awards 2008 Battle Between T.I. and Shawty Lo from Gyant on Vimeo.

Gyant from Sohh got his hands on an exclusive video of one of the brawl. Alfamega (Grand Hustle) jumping in the crowd and swinging at will. I'm guessing they still have beefs with Shawty Lo and his crew. I'm not going to blame anybody but the organizers of the show, they knew they were some bad blood between the camps and yet they allow both crews to perform their diss songs on stage (Shawty Lo performed "Ain't I earlier), of course somebody's feather is going to be ruffled, of course somebody is going to throw a chair on stage (Alfamega) of course somebody is going to be laid da fuck up (video) and of course innocent bystanders are going to be maced and somebody will end up in jail (Alfamega, Big Kuntry).

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tyra Offers A Wedding Gift to Beyonce

Beyonce: Don't get too close to my man now... [or I'll cut you?]


Video: Will.i.Am "She Loves Me"

Off the Madagascar 2 Movie soundtrack.

Common ft. Kanye West "Punch Drunk Love" [Updated w/ Bonus track]

Common - Gladiator
Common ft. Kanye West - Punch Drunk Love

Video: Busta Rhymes "I Got Bass"

The Wait Is Over Jack Bauer [24] Is Back

Meet Obama Economic Team

With all those degrees and experience between them I got faith the economy will look better in the next 4 years.

Hokube Presents "Baskets, Bottes & Escarpins" Mixtape

Download Mixtape Here

My boy Hokube from the Freshman crew just released a 'Tape and it's fire.

Senior Citizen Choir Covering Rap Songs


The joints include Eminem "Lose Yourself", Chamillionaire "Ridin Dirty", Outkast "Hey Ya", PCD "Don't Cha", MC Hammer "Can't Touch This", Nelly "Hot in Here" (they are taking their robes on this one)


Beyonce ft. R. Kelly "If I Were A Boy" Rmx

Beyonce ft. R.Kelly - If I Were A Boy Rmx

Alonzo Mourning & Lebron James Check Out Their "Unique" Whips

Ciara "The Fit Of Love"

Ciara - The Fit Of Love

American Music Awards: The Performances

Kanye lost me with that racoon tail

Beyonce brought the electric hips once again, Oh Lord!

Latifah killed that "Superwoman" cameo on A. Keys set.

Nothing memorable here besides that pirate eye patch.

Tired of Mimi

I thought Beyonce had the craziest moves until I saw the chick in red do some splits over her head and over Ne-Yo's shoulder, boy! I'm having a "deja vu" personal moment.

Nicole and those latex/leather pants.

The Dream "Right Side Of Your Brain"

The Dream - Right Side Of Your Brain

Gym Class "Super" Heroes [Comedy]

Gym Class Superheroes from jeff on Vimeo.

Young Jeezy ft. Pharrell "Rumor Has It"

Young Jeezy ft. Pharrell - Rumor Has It

Didn't make "The Recession" album.

50 Cent Hosts Sirius Radio

He interviewed a bunch of rappers: Luda, Jada, Bow Wow...

Lil Wayne ft. The Game "Red Magic"

Lil Wayne ft. The Game - Red Magic

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday Night Live Recap [Host: Tim McGraw, Musical Performance Ludacris & T-Pain]

Girls go crazy and start grabbing and grinding whenever that joint comes up at the club, there is a remix out with R-Kelly, I'm waiting for a better quality leak to post it.


Great impression of Arianna Huffington

Video Vixen Tiara

I'm leaving campus and heading home after a long quarter and a crazy finals week to relieve the stress and get some quality and family time. I'll be out most of Sunday but you know I can't leave you without some scenery to s/d-well on (looks like she's almost stripping for y'all), enjoy!!!.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The RnB Boys Leak

Lloyd - Loverboy
Ne-Yo - I Love You
Chris Brown - Froze
Ne-Yo - This Can't Be Good
Bobby Valentino - I Don't Need

J. Holiday "It's Yours"

J. Holiday - It's Yours

Obama's Weekly Address

His economic plan to create 2.5 million jobs.

Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne "Number One"

Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne - Number One

A Just Blaze production. That's so unlike him (potential hit), I probably like it because of the "Millie" beat in the background.

Lebron James A NY Knicks?

Not quite yet but the Knicks are definitely moving towards that goal, they just cleared their salary cap in two major trades by sending Jamal Crawford to Golden State for Al Harrington and Zach Randolph and Collins to The Clippers for Cutino Mobley and Tim Thomas. They basically acquired expiring contracts (2010) to save some money so they can offer a maxed out contract to Lebron when his contract is up in 2 years.
That was a great executive move that will definitely pay off in long terms, you heard that Isaiah?

In other unrelated news, Coach D'Antoni offered some playing time (30-35 min) to Marbury but he still refuses to play because he'll be coming off the bench; millionaires and their big ego. What happened to your love for the game bro'? Your team spirit? It's all about you huh, Get It Right Next Time!!!

Joe Budden ft. The Game "The Future"

Joe Budden ft. The Game - The Future

Young Buck ft. Young Jeezy "I Got It"

Young Buck ft. Young Jeezy - I Got It

Dude trying to stay alive.


A teen commited suicide Live on the Internet...I refused to watch the actual video I got no word for it. Bless his soul!

Jimmy Kimmel Consults The Blacks on How To Joke On Obama

The Dream "Rocking That Thing"

The Dream - Rocking That Thing

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jamie Foxx "Intuition" Album Cover

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Is Ballin' [Again]

He got a sick garage, his whip game is real tight.

Listening Session: Kanye West "808's and Heartbreak"

Kanyeezy hooked up with Myspace to preview his entire album, I'll give my review later today, before then listen to it here


I got words that some of you guys had some trouble accessing the full album once on Kanye's blog, click on the cover album tab (on the left with heart on it) of the music player to get all the album tracks.

Jay-Z & Beyonce Hollywood's Top Earning Couple

They collectively raked 162 million dollars between June of last year and this year.

Full list here

5 Year Old Girl With Some Mad Skills in B'Ball

Dubai Is The Place To Be

Jermaine Dupri was at the opening of the new Atlantis Resort in Dubai, built in a man-made island shaped as a palm tree.
Just plain sick!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Roots Survived Bus Crash in Paris

everybody is OK! Questlove sent details of the accident minutes after the accident to Okayplayer and released the following statement through email:

well...since we are sitting on the side of the road. what better way to pass the time while the ambulance comes then

More details here

Bush Can't Get No Love


Joe Budden: "My Baby Got A Wedgie"

Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slim (112) ft. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous "Good Lovin"

Video: Keri Hilson ft. Lil Wayne "Turnin Me On"

Video: Solange "T.O.N.Y"

These Somali Pirates Are So Gangsta

Unbelievable! Forget Hollywood and Johnny Depp, these guys are the real deal and they get paid for it. Since the beginning of the year they have received more than 30 million dollars in ransom and today again another company owning one of the boats held hostage paid almost 2 million dollars. The Saudis are also negotiating a payout for their oil tanker captured a few days ago.
These guys are acting like there is no law or government in their country, it's time they get some opposition from International forces like the U.N, stop paying them.


null - Watch more free videos

Wait for it...wait for it...wait for it! Bang! Lmao!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008