Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow!!! Unbelievable Shot...

A once in a lifetime shot.

Bonus video of B. Manley trick shots compilation

Why Isn't She Working Out in My Gym

Been spending a lot of time in the weight section of the gym lately, if I see her there I don't think I'll leave before she does.

Video: Various Artists "Better On The Other Side" [MJ Tribute]

Various Artists: The Game, Chris Brown, Usher, Diddy, Plow Da Don, Mario Winans & Boyz II Men.

Tahiry TV: "Tahiry Stalking Her Man"

Tahiry has hijacked Joe Budden Youtube channel for the past two episodes and I ain't mad. Tahiry does what girlfriends do, coincidentally popping at a spot where they know they'll be a lot skin showing. They just don't trust us men around all of that.

My ex popped a "stalker" move on me once at the club, she got off work early she knew I was at the club and she showed up claiming she wanted to surprise me. Yeah right! Good thing I wasn't in a dancing move that night cause she would've caught me on the dance floor grinding on some random booty like I usually do.

MJ Tribute: Remember The Times... [Day 5]

Video: Joe "Magic"

That "Halle Berry" chick has been getting on a lot of videos lately.

Video: MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend "Heartbreaker"

A lil bit of Alternative music for your ass. I appreciate good music when I hear it. Get on it!

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West "Supanova"

N*E*R*D & Lady GaGa Perform Live @ Glastonbury [More Footage]

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show...

Video: LeToya Luckett "She Ain't Got"

Trey Songz "Anticipation" Mixtape

Download: Trey Songz - Anticipation [Mixtape]

LeToya Luckett "Lady Love" Album Cover

They obviously re-did the cover cause this is different from what I posted a while back.

Bun B @ Glastonbury + Interview w. DJ Semtex

Monday, June 29, 2009

Video: Pleasure P "Under"

MJ Tribute: Remember The Times... [Day 4]


This is not the demeanor of a Father who is about to bury his son. "We lost the biggest star in the world", no sir you just lost a son. Then having a spokesperson read a statement instead of you having a heart to heart display of emotions to the public, epic fail. To top it all Mr. Jackson end the interview by plugging his new record company.

Why did he even walk the red carpet?

Get it right next time

Janet Jackson Emotional Thanks You

She kept it short and simple. You can tell she was torn by the tragic loss of her brother.

This leads me to the so-called award show Tribute to Michael Jackson. Yeah the show was revamped in 3 days to honor Michael Jackson. OK, but you should be ready for unplanned events like Death. You had one shot to do it right and you blew it big time. Yeah, Jamie Foxx opening was funny, with the pants, the jacket and the socks but Monique's to Beyonce "Crazy in Love" was funnier. If you're not ready don't do it at all.

It was supposed to be all about Michael Jackson but it turned out to be the Jamie Foxx and Friends show. I started asking myself if Jamie owed these 80s-90s dudes any favors because I sure didn't understand the appearance of Tevin Campbell, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gil. I think their idea was to honor MJ's music throughout the show with the likes of New Edition, Ciara (who killed it) and Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo to close out the show. It wasn't enough! The public was waiting on Usher, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake to pop up and make it a memorable show. Michael Jackson was an Entertainer, they only touched the music aspect of his career, nobody honor the dance revolution that he brought to the world.

BET has failed to entertain us last night, they quite embarrassed us and tarnished Michael Jackson legacy by putting Janet Jackson right after the worst performance ever in Cable TV: Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money & Cash Money. They had 12-13 years old in tutus dancing to a song saying "I wanna fuck every girl in the world". It even looks like one of Wayne's daughter was on stage. What kind of parents wants their kid around grown folks business. Not to forget to mention the bleeper going off every 3s. Beyonce reminded us again that she got married last year. She wore that damn wedding dress and sang "Ave Maria". You have to know your audience nobody was interesting in seeing that, all we wanted was a little booty shaking that's all. Is that too much to ask? And Don Cornelius who put us to sleep with his slow motion talk and everlasting stories while honoring The O'Jays who called him slow by the way (uncalled for) and cursed on Live TV (no 30s delay)

BET you have one more shot at this, I say you start working on a bigger and better 2-3 hours Special on Michael Jackson going through all his music, starting with the Jacksons 5 all the way to the end of his solo career. Make it happen and make it right.

Get it right next time!

Drake Post-Show Interview

He torn his ACL right before the show, that's why he performed on a stool.

Props to Yardie again...

BET Awards Show Highlights

Props to Yardie for all the videos. He was on a mission tonight, posting videos as the performance was ending.

Shenaynay and Wanda Star in "Skank Robbers" [Movie Trailers]

LMAO!!!! Premiered @ The BET Awards (which sucked by the way, post about it coming soon).

DJ Whoo Kid Interviews 50 Cent

Video: Kanye West "Street Lights"

Video: Jay-Z "D.O.A"

Bonus: Live Performance @ BET Awards show

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Roots ft. Erykah Badu "I Wanna Be Where You are"

Michael Jackson tribute.

Questlove just dropped this on Twitter. The song was recorded after the Late Night Show w/ Jimmy Fallon the day MJ passed away, Erykah Badu stopped by to help the band pay tribute to MJ during the show.

The Roots ft. Erykah Badu - I Wanna Be Where You are

Kanye West Perfoms "Stronger" Live

At the Ellen DeGeneres "Bigger, Longer & Wider" Show.

Jeremih Live Performance @ The Def Jam Party

Birthday Sex.

Lady GaGa Poses For "Maxim" Magazine

Filipino Inmates Pay Homage to MJ [Full Video]

Including the re-do "Thriller" video I talked about yesterday.

Fabolous Live Performance @ Def Jam Party

Performed "Holla Back" & "Superwoman".

National HIV Testing Day (06/27)

With the passing of Michael Jackson everything else has kinda slow down around me. Testing Day was yesterday (06/27) and I didn't post anything about it. I get tested once a year around this time. I remember I took my ex last year, we got tested together. I'm scheduling my appointment on Monday.

You should do the same, knowledge is power.

Jadakiss Live Performance@ Sneakerpimps 2009

Props to Info.

MJ Tribute: Remember The Times... [Day 3]

N*E*R*D Performs Live @ Glastonbury

Lupe Fiasco "The L.A.S.E.R.S Manifesto"

We are not losers, we are L.A.S.E.R.S

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meagan Fox Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel

Girl! You so fine you make me wanna double park.

Video: Shontelle "Battle Cry"

Snoop Dogg On The Tonight Show

He spoke on Michael Jackson tragic death and later showed off his Snoop DeVille painted with the Lakers colors and airbrushed with all the Lakers Legends on the hood and the trunk of the car.

Lol! @ Chicken Noodle Snoop.

Michael Jackson Covers "Time" Magazine Special Edition

The last time "Time" Magazine had a Special Edition it was after 9/11.

They are honoring him in a Special Commemorative Edition. They spoke to a lot of celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Nancy Reagan, Lenny Kravitz, Jesse Jackson, Tommy Mottola, Berry Gordy, Spike Lee, Sheryl Crow, Anjelica Huston, Clive Davis, Al Sharpton, Deepak Chopra, Kobe Bryant, Lance Bass, Oscar De La Hoya, Savion Glover, A.R. Rahman, Peter Gabriel, John Mayer and more.

Filipino Inmates Re-Do the "Thriller" Video in Honor of MJ

Very nice gesture.

Robin Thicke Sings "Human Nature" in Honor of MJ

Spotted @ Info

MJ Tribute: Remember The Times... [Day 2]

Movie Friday Trailers

I saw this preview at the midnight screening of "Transformers 2" the whole theater went crazy...It looks great.

More Stars Pay Tribute To MJ

Ryan Leslie Moment of Silence.

Beyonce "I Can't Help It" in Philly.

Lupe Fiasco in Chicago.

London's Tribute.

At the Apollo Theater.

Shaq Lip Synching to Akon's "Over The Edge"

WTFFF!!!?????? First of all, why? Second of all why this song particulary? And finally why does he know the lyrics of that song so well? Some ain't right here. I need some details to understand how he came about to do this.

Funny though!

Friday, June 26, 2009

50 Cent "I'm Paranoid"

50 Cent - I'm Paranoid

Jay Rock "Boom Boom Clap"

Jay Rock - Boom Boom Clap

You can call him the West Coast Savior from now on. After listening to it though the title sound more like "Bang Bang Clap". I'll stick to the first title for now.

Props to OnSmash.

Twista "Birthday"

Twista - Birthday

Lol! at the funny voice in the hook.

Prrops to OnSmash.

Cookin Soul Presents "Michael Jackson: Tribute To The King Of Pop"

Download: Michael Jackson - Tribute To The King Of Pop

14 tracks with mash ups, remixes & instrumentals featuring some of the best rappers to ever grab the mic: Notorious Big, 2Pac, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Nas, Lil Wayne…

Tiger Woods On The Jimmy Fallon Show

The interview.

Then they play a game of Wii Golf...Of course Tiger wins this one.

Various Artists Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

Various Artists - Better On The Other Side

Now that's what I call a tribute.

Various artists: The Game, Chris Brown, Diddy, Mario Winans, Usher & Boyz II Men.

Nice. Props to DJ Skee. The tribute was initiated by The Game.

MJ Tribute: Remember The Times... [Day 1]

I've decided to pay respect to the King of Pop for 30 days on my blog.

I plan on posting footage/videos of Michael Jackson everyday starting today.
The amount of music that he leaves behind is untouchable, 750 million album sold, 13 grammys, including 8 for "Thriller" which sold over 100 million copies worldwide. The numbers don't lie he was the greatest entertainer of all times. say what you want about his personal life and controversies surrounding it, I let the music speaks for itself.

So we're starting where it all started for Michael, with the Jackson 5.

Video: Day 26 "Truth Is A Lie"

Meagan Fox Interview w/ David Letterman

Bonus Video: Meagan fox "GQ" photoshoot

Holy shit!!! I think I'm in love.

Ace Hood ft. The Dream "Mine"

Ace Hood ft. The Dream - Mine

Props to Splash

Bruno Gives Conan O'Brien A Lap Dance

Hilarity!!! He evens pulls down his trousers (getting UK on y'all) to reveal his thong.

Mariah Carey "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel"

Jamie Foxx BET Awards Promo Footage [Unreleased]

Dancing around with a Congo girl. lol!

50 Cent "Respect It Or Check It N***a"

50 Cent - Respect It Or Check It N***a

I'm on that Will.I.Am shit, I'll black your eye for bloggin

Lmao! He went dark and hard on this one, vintage 50.

50 Cent Tribute to Michael Jackson

50 Cent - Where You Are

Doesn't sound much like a tribute to me. More like a joint with Michael Jackson samples they dug up from the vault.

Method Man & Redman "Mrs. International"

Eminem on Shade 45

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was rushed earlier to the hospital for a cardiac arrest, reports TMZ. The paramedics found him at his California house with no pulse, unconscious and tried to revive him. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Thoughts & prayers to the family

Mya ft. Bun B "Show Me Something"

Mya ft. Bun B - Show Me Something

There is some about a woman calling me "Daddy" that just boost my ego to the fullest. Lol!

The track might end up in the album, it should. It's a potential hit.

Props to Splash.

Ace Hood Featuring...

Ace Hood ft. Jeremih - Love Somebody
Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross - Get Money

Props to 2DB.

Video: Allen Iverson "Practice? We Talking About Practice?" RMX

This is the best video remix I ever seen in Youtube. He turned the infamous press conference by A.I into a Dance Mix. Look out for Terrell Owens teary cameo.


Spotted @ Info's

50 Cent Compares Drake's Buzz to His Back in '02

50 Cent claims that it's no coincidence that we are hearing Drake's single on the radio, it's being pushed by record labels trying to sign him.

Yo! this dude has a great insight in this music industry he knows what's going on behind the scenes. A sit down interview with him just to talk about it will be very interesting.

*crossing fingers* Hoping it happens one day.

Props to XXL Mag.

R.I.P Farrah Fawcett...An Original "Angel"

Original cast member of the TV show "Charlie's Angels" lost her battle to cancer may she rest in peace. Thoughts & prayers to her family.


Hurricane Chris performs "Halle Berry" at the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Who had this brilliant idea? SMH

Get it right next time

Snoop Dogg Knocks Out Mike Tyson

Yeah you read right, he beat him up in "Fight Night Round 4"

Video: Day 26 "Girlfriend"

The Roots Premiered "How I Got Over" on Jimmy Fallon

Tyrese Interview w/ Chelsea Lately

Nas & Damian Marley Are "Distant Relatives"

How they came about to collaborate on a studio album.

Shaq Traded To The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Phoenix Suns & The Cleveland Cavaliers both agreed on the terms of the trade, it's pending approval of the League.

This should be interesting.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peugeot Metromorph Concept Car

The idea behind it is to save parking space. Just like in the movie "Minority Report" where the futuristic cars climb up building apartments or offices and park by your window, the Metromorph would be also utilised as a balcony. More pics here.

Designed by Roman Mistiuk.

Props to Autoblog.

Video: Pac Div "The Mayor"

Directed by Coodie & Chike

Video: Rick Ross ft. Triple C's & Magazeen "Yatch Club" Rmx

I'm sorry but I don't think they were on an actual yatch in the video but they did take shots of yatch docked on Star Island (Miami). smh

Officer Ricky is the biggest fraud you've seen thus far...He keeps lying to himself about his lifestyle.

Video: Sean Paul "So Fine"

Video: Nyle "Let That Beat Build"

I love the musical progression in this one. Started with an acapella and each single live instrument followed.

Great concept video! It was also shot in one take.

Video: Lil Ru "Nasty Song"

Slow news day people, bare with me.

Stratos Concept Car

By Designer Bruno Delussu.

ItsTheReal: "The E.N.D of Days"

Violence in Hip Hop.

Sean Paul Performs "So Fine" Live in Paris

Fete de la Musique 2009

Nicki Minaj - BET.Com Vlog #1

Damn! She got a donk like that????????

Video: Akon "We Don't Care"

New single off the "Freedom" album w/ footage of his homecoming concert series in Africa and around the world. Looks also like a subliminal commercial for Pepsi.

By the way, Akon was in Gabon last week for the funerals of our late President Omar Bongo Ondimba, he paid his respects to the family and gave an interview to the local channels. As soon as I land my hands on the footage I'll post it, it seems that he has a pretty close relationship with the family because he had to cut his trip in Dubai short to travel straight to the capital, Libreville.

Video" The Dream "Hit It On The Road" [The Hangover Trailer]

Titties all big, booty all swole, meet on my tour, let me hit it on the road.


Video: 50 Cent "I'll Do Anything"

When was the last time you saw an artist shoot a video for a song from a mixtape (War Angel LP)? Never right? But wait Drake has one coming up too (Best I Ever Had). I keep telling that this year mixtapes are way better than studio albums.

He should've shot the video for "London Girl" instead, if that's the look he was looking for.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Video: 2 Pistols ft. C-Side "Lights Low"

You know there is nothing much to expect here since we all haven't heard of the song before the video was shot.


Video: Ciara ft. Missy Elliott "Work"

Derek Fisher Interview w/ Chelsea Lately


Chris Brown "Not My Fault" [Produced By The Neptunes]

Chris Brown - Not My Fault [Produced By The Neptunes]

Interesting leak especially after his plea deal made public after the hearing yesterday in L.A. 5 years probation, community service and he has to stay away from Rihanna at a certain distance. That's what you call a slap on the wrist.

Can celebrities actually go to jail in California?

Get it right next time!

Video: Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & Jazmine Sullivan "Champion

Chamillionaire "Mixtape Messiah 7" Cover & 2 Tracks

Chamillionaire - Gucci & Fendi
Chamillionaire ft. Z-Ro - Denzel Washington

Young Dro "On Fire" [Produced by Jim Jonsin]

Young Dro - On Fire [Produced By Jim jonsin]

Gucci Mane Live Performance @ Birthday Bash

Nick Cannon Interview w/ Jimmy Fallon

Just because of their Bill Cosby impersonnations

Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez Hilton Gets A "Black Eye(d) Peas"

Perez Hilton claims he got punched by Will.i.am's manager after a heated confrontation between both of them over the mean words Perez uses to talk about Fergie on his blog, that I never visit by the way (You can tell it's not even on my gossip links section).

All this hoopla happen during the festivities for the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.

I've done my share of ranting on my Twitter, don't feel like repeating myself again.

Check out the other side of the story according to Will.i.am

One thing though...Karma is a beeyatch!!!

Trey Songz Takes Over Atlanta

Quick cameo by Necole Bitchie and her sexy ass dimples, at the end of the video.

Trey took over the hosting duties at the radio before performing at Birthday Bash (not on the same day though, I believe)

Ciara & Rick Ross Cover "The Rap-Up" Magazine [Summer Issue]

Lady GaGa Performs Live @ Much Music Video Awards [Canada]

Wait until the end to see her set her boobs on fire...I just became a fan! Pop music rocks!!! Lol!

Beyonce Live Performance in Madison Square Garden

Of course with a cameo by hubby Jay-Z. Splash had a play-by-play rundown of the concert, check it out here.

Video: The Clipse ft. Kanye West "Kinda Like A Big Deal"

Directed by Bernard Gourley, "Til The Casket Drops" album coming this September.

Rakim "The Seventh Seal" Album Cover

B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray Mixtape

Download: B.o.B Vs. Bobby Ray [Mixtape]

Dude! It's Not That Serious!!!!

LMAO!!!!!!!!! The reaction comes after his mom canceled his World of Warcraft subscription. Did he just try to shove a remote in his ass??? LMAO!!!

Get it right homie!

Soulja Boy ft. Angel Lola Luv "Any Chick I Want"

Soulja Boy ft. Angel Lola Luv - Any Chick I Want

I needed a good reason to re-post that pic. Lol! However the track is not that bad.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michael Schumacher is The Stig?

If you a car fanatics like me, you probably caught a few episodes of "Top Gear" on BBC. They have a character named The Stig who's there to test drive the cars on the show around the track and the fastest time is later posted on the board. His face has never been revealed. This was shot for the first episode of the new season of Top Gear. I'm guessing Formula 1 race car champion Michael Schumacher was a guest and the producers decided to play a joke on the public.

The show premiered on Sunday @ 8PM.

Videos: Gucci Mane "Photoshoot" & "I Think I Luv Her"

I think his videos should come with subtitles cause I sure don't understand what the hell he's saying. He's worse than a Jamaican accent.

Lloyd "Like Me"

Lloyd - Like Me

He's been leaking some pretty good music lately.

Young Dro ft. Akon "You Nasty"

Young Dro ft. Akon - You Nasty

The P.O.L.O (Players Only Live Once) album is coming soon.

Props to TSS.

Video: Gucci Mane ft. Big Boi & Juelz Santana "She Got A Friend"

Video: Paradiso Girls ft. Lil Jon & Eve "Patron Tequila"

Hip Hop has become so commercial. Artists used to sneak a brand name drop in their lyrics now they do a whole song on it with a title song dedicated to the brand to enforce it. Chris Brown and Ne-Yo did it for Doublemint Gum too.

Get it right!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kanye West & Lil Wayne Performs @ The L.A Lakers Party

Video: Bow Wow "You Know I'm Nasty" ["Wetter Freestyle]

I didn't watch it, I let you ladies check it out.

Tahiry TV: "My First Benz"

She just copped that new Benz.

Obama Radio & TV Correspondents Dinner Speech

Obama got jokes! He had couple zingers in there, hilarious!

Here's John Hodgman (Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart) roasting Obama:

He was boring.

Happy Father's Day

President Obama hosted a barbecue in honor of fathers out there that take care of their kids, which gives me the opportunity to talk about mine.

Fathers around the world have been so under-estimated and under-appreciated. We tend to give to our Mothers most of the credits when we turn out pretty good in life and blame absent Fathers when we fail.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with both my parents. Their education style balanced each other pretty well. Mom was the open and affectionate one and Dad was the disciplinary one, the voice, my brother and I call him "Le Boss". Pops has that look that he gives you when you've messed up after that you think twice about repeating it. He's also a man of a few words doesn't say much but when he does it hits you so right.

He's been a great inspiration to me and my siblings, we look up to him, we value his opinion and we strive to make him proud. Of course I've done my share of dumb mistakes (still doing them, it's part of the Life experience) but Dad has always been there to straighten me out and guide me through the right path. You need that Father figure while growing up, I'm thankful for all his support and advice in my life.

I wouldn't be the Man that I am today without him, he's a great example to follow.

So tomorrow on Father's day, give a call to your Pops, pay him a visit let him know how important he is in your life and please don't bring the same old lame gift... A tie! C'mon we can do better than that, Moms get jewelry and Dads get just a card.

Happy Father's Day.

LRG Presents "Back to The Feature" w/ Wale & 9th Wonder [Mixtape]

Download: Wale & 9th Wonder - Back to The Feature [Mixtape]

So far in 2009, mixtapes have actually been better than released studio albums. Dear rappers, take it back to the streets. The fresh bloods (Drake, J. Cole, Wale, B.o.B ,KiD CuDi...) in Hip Hop are keeping it interesting out there.

Video: Smitty Assume Tha Position"

You already know my favorite position shorty so assume the position...lol!

Movie Friday Trailers

The L.A Lakers Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel

Trevor Ariza, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant, Adam Morrisson, DJ Mbenga, Josh Powell, Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar.

OMG! They were clowning DJ Mbenga so bad in the second video.

Kobe on the phone w/ DJ: I can't understand what you're (Mbenga) saying, just text me