Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amanda Seales "This Too Shall Pass"

Amanda showing her support to the Black man. Celebrating Black Love.

Video: Brooke Valentine "Forever"

Remember her? she wanted to have a Girl Fight early in her career. Looks like she's back with a radio friendly joint and judging by the video she was on hiatus because of her mommy duties.

Jennifer Hudson ft. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross "Think Like A Man"

Off the soundtrack of the movie of the same title. Kevin Hart providing the comic relief.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video: Coldplay "Paradise"

My new favorite non-Hip Hop joint. I'm the only one blasting that joint in my hood, catch up!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Video: The Throne "Niggas in Paris"

The long awaited and disappointing video of one of the biggest Rap record of this past year is finally out. A couple months ago during the Watch The Throne Tour, Ye's rep announced that they will shoot the video in Staples Center in L.A, immediately I knew we will be let down. I mean any creative director will pitch you taking the production to Paris and shoot the shit out of Versailles, Champs Elysees and La Tour Eiffel, alas. Los Angeles was good enough for Kanye, indoors with a plethora of craze fans waving their hands around screaming "That shit cray".

However on a technical point this video was beautifully shot, I mean the quality of the images is so vivid, makes you think you were right there on stage with them. Did Hype Williams edit the video? Looks like he at least influenced it. Anywho, Let me replay the video for the 18th time and look for some subliminal epilepsy induced still images to feed my Illuminati conspiracy theory. That shit cray!

Friday, February 3, 2012

John Legend "Extra-Ordinary Tebow"

John Legend rewrites his hit song "Ordinary People" just for ESPN "First Take" in honor of Tebow. Pretty dope.

Video: M.I.A "Bad Girls"

What a way to come back in the airwaves. This video is so creative, love the stunts and of course the track is fire! Welcome back! Props to the director Romain Gavras. "Kilt" this shit!!!!!

Video: Drake "Practice"

They went viral for the video, pardon the redundancy. Drake makes a brief appearance at the end letting his girl shine throughout the track.