Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fla & Mi Delegates Compromise Reached, Obama Leaves His Church

Both Delegations will be fully seated and each delegate vote will count for 1/2. The delegates will be attributed according to the primary elections results held in each state, uncommitted delegates in Michigan will go to Senator Obama.
Obviously the Clinton side is not too happy with the compromise (especially Michigan), which is the best solution to start a united Party process before the convention in Denver. Clinton supporters were also in town for the hearings and they disrupted many times the session and votes. This push the magic number to clinch the nomination from 2025 to 2118. Obama is expected to declare victory on Tuesday after the last primaries (Montana and South Dakota), it is also rumored that a huge wave of superdelegates will pledge their vote for him.
However Clinton's representation at the Rules and Bylaws Committee today stated that the Senator reserve the rights to appeal the decision at the Credentials Committee at the Convention. So this might not be over, talk about Party Unity. She wanted a resolution for Michigan and Florida, we give it to her, now she wants to drag this all the way to the Denver. Party Leaders won't let her anyways, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid are pushing uncommitted superdelegates to voice their choice for either candidate after Tuesday.
We'll see what happens in the next couple days.

In other News, Senator Obama just announced that he and his family were no longer members of the Trinity Church, this announcement came after another priest, Father Pfleger made some remarks about Senator Clinton behavior during the Democratic Primaries, mocking the way she was crying before New Hampshire and how mad she was when Obama stole her thunder.

Student Brawls with Teacher

Meagan Good Looking Ohhh So Good!!!

Gone Fishin' 2008 NBA Playoffs Edition

I just made this video and posted it on youtube, check it out and let me know what you think about it.

National Spelling Bee Champion

13 year old (8th grade) Sameer Mishra from West Lafayette, Indiana was the winner. Lmao on the word "numnah", he heard numb nut.

Williams Sisters Ousted from French Open

Both Serena and Venus were eliminated in the 3rd round of the French Open. Disappointing, they usually do good in france, oh well no more booty shorts (Serena) for us I guess.

Lil Wayne "The Carter III" Album Leak

Boston to Face Lakers in NBA Finals, Pistons Gone Fishin'

I wanted a Pistons-Lakers Finals so bad so I could hope being in the arena for at least one game, but hey I guess we're heading to Boston. Boston is back in the NBA Finals after 20 years, the two teams have met 10 times and Boston got away with 8 wins. It's a historical Finals with all the trophies both teams share together. The rivalry is about to be rekindled. Boston have won both meetings in the regular season but that was before the Pau Gasol trade so obviously we are a different team, you can't base your predictions on that.
Back to last night game, Detroit did the best they could to match Boston offense and defense unfortunately the Celtics were the better team on the floor. Pierce led the Big Three with 27 points, you never know which one of them will come out swinging, last time it was Ray and now Pierce, he seems to come out strong in close-out games (he scored 41 points against Cleveland on game 7). Billups' 29 points were not enough to force a game 7, Detroit blew out a 10 point lead in the 4Th quarter and they never got it back.
Bring it on Boston, you are about to be the last victim of the "Black Mamba".


Friday, May 30, 2008

50 Cent Baby Mama Drama (The Saga continues)

First they reported earlier today that 50 cent's Long Island house burned down and firefighters are suspecting arson. Everybody got out on time, they were reportedly 6 people inside the house including 50's son and his baby mama. They were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.
Later TMZ released an exclusive video shot on Monday of 50 and his baby mama going at it outside her Manhattan Lawyer's office. His people reportedly trashed that office too.
There are cameras everywhere nowadays, you can't do anything illegal without getting caught. Be careful out there public sex enthusiasts somebody is watching.

Sidenote: One of 50's entourage got arrested last week for choking a girl at 50's Connecticut house, the dude is not a stranger for that Police Department he was arrested a while back for pistol-whipping some dude who was trying to rob him.
TMZ video:

(Update) Now she claims 50 did it:

Rasheed Wallace Was Fined 25k for Use of Profanities

After game 5 Rasheed criticized the officials in the locker room claiming that Boston were doing a lot of flopping, and you know Rasheed he never holds back so he had a few words for them.

In related news the NBA also announced that they intend to fine players caught flopping during games when checking replays. So be careful Varejao and others who fake taking charges or screamed on top of their lungs when somebody caresses them, you might go broke next year.
That's not going to stop anything, theplayers can afford the fine anyways. Besides a foul looks completely different on replay, so I don't see how they're going to be objective on this one.

Kobe's Jump Spoof: Hood Version

Replace the Aston Martin by a bicycle

Lakers Back in NBA Finals, Spurs Gone Fishin'

Was "Lost" Season finale incredible or what? Oops my bad, wrong post or may be not since the Spurs got "lost" last night and couldn't find their way to greatness. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers did, they're back on top, proved once again why they had the best record in the West. We are on a mission, no team can stop us, we are four wins away from the crown, NBA World Champions (actually it's only in the U.S, but that's the title, anyways). What a great game? It doesn't matter how you start a playoff game it's how you finish. The Lakers didn't miss the opportunity of closing the Spurs last night, the first half looked like we were heading back to San Antonio but Phil Jackson keeps impressing me with his coaching strategies, we were being led by 17 points in the second quarter with Kobe on the bench (getting his beauty rest lol!) but he kept the second unit on, trusting them and letting them figure this out on their own and they did. They carried the load, helped reduced the margin and Kobe just finished them off in the second half, he just killed them with tough shots, tied the game and we never looked back after that.
Now We're the Western Conference Champions, which we don't care about, we want the big one, the gold one. It's going to be an historical finals against Boston and a revenge against Detroit (they eliminated us back in 2004). I just want Detroit so I can hopefully make a trip to one of those expensive finals game. (I'm begging already for tickets by the way)

Seriously though "Lost" was crazy last night. How can you make an island disappear?


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Falen Scot Supercar

It's a 5.5 liter Judd V10, 800 hp engine mounted in the forthcoming car. Only four will be built - it will be constructed of carbon fiber and feature a hinged greenhouse like a jet fighter. A prototype is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2009 and production later in the near future.
If you are asking for the price, you probably can't afford it.

Kanye West "Flashing Lights" (version #3)

Bishop Lamont "Get off my D.."

Get Off My Dick - Bishop Lamont

Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes Pose Naked

It's the best of both "Evas" world.

Nas "N....r" Poster (last one)

There is a special screening of the video tonight, special invites only.

Allen Carries Celtics to 3rd Win of the Series

Ray Allen got his mojo back. He was just too hot to handle, he finally stepped up after all the criticism since the beginning of the Playoffs. He finished with 29 points, Garnett scored 33. However the surprise of the night was Center K. Perkins who had a career playoff night with 18 points and 16 rebounds. Boston altogether out rebounded Detroit big time (45-25), it got close towards the end but Billups missed a lay up and rookie Stuckey missed his first of two free throws that would have brought them closer to the Celtics.
Anyways, expect Detroit to play their best game on Friday, they seemed to rally as a whole when they are against the ropes, looks like it's going to game 7.

G-Unit "Rider Part 2"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

USD GT-S Passionata Concept

This got to be the sickest car design you've ever seen. The car was designed by Turkish Ugur Sahin.

Busta Rhymes "Blessed" Album Cover

Sharon Stone Claims Earthquake in China was Result of Bad Karma

Wawwww!!! How stupid and ignorant this sound. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs about Karma, you can't be serious in making such statements when thousands of innocent kids died in their schools, women and children are homeless today because of that natural disaster. What bad things have they done to deserve this? Of course the Chinese government has violated a lot of human rights against Tibet, so did many powerful countries in the world against minorities. So stop the non-sense and be more sensitive when addressing the tragedy next time, instead of putting the blame first on anybody. An unselfish person would be more worried about the help those populations are getting (It's Hurricane Katrina all over again). Don't make it a political motivation to go after China and since when your opinion matters anyways? I don't think you have the right to speak after horrible performances in Catwoman and Basic Instinct 2, should I thank Karma for you not being on the big screen in a while? Thank you Karma!
I expect an apology from you Miss "I don't care about the people and I'd rather blame the government".
Shame on you!

Shakira Falls really Hard

Common ft. Pharrel Williams "Universal Mind Control"

Universal Mind Control - Common

Usher Standing up for his Woman on TRL

I guess people have been trashing their relationship on the blogosphere...

and here joking about it on SNL:

Ice Cube "Do Your Thang"

Do Your Thang (FuLL) - Ice Cube

Rick Ross ft. Pharrell Williams "Get Down"

Get Down (ft. Pharrell) - Rick Ross

T.I Talks about his Arrest and Previews his next LP "Paper Trail"

New Nas N.... Video Poster (#3 & #4)

They just released the 3rd installment. Gotta admit, the marketting strategy is working, everybody is buzzing about it and impatient to see the next poster or the video. Nas and Dj Green Lantern announced also that they are working on a mixtape.
(Check my archives for the previous two posters)

Jim Jones "Good Shit"

GOOD SHIT - Jim Jones

Lakers One Win Away from NBA Finals

Oh! Oh! Looks like somebody is 'going fishin'. Last night might be the last time San Antonio fans see their team play in the AT&T Arena. Once again we were served with a thriller full of excitement, especially at the last minute of the game. The Lakers established their dominance from the get go, taking an early lead. The key to their victory was offensive rebounds and the Spurs missing their three-point shots, Odom and Gasol just dominated the Spurs on the boards which created second chance points for L.A. San Antonio home loss was their first of the playoffs, the Lakers understood that in order to beat that team they had to cut off one of the three heads. Ginobili performed poorly, he only scored his first points late in the 3rd quarter, good defense or just bad night for him I don't know.
The Lakers had the lead mostly in the game but the Spurs stayed close and tied the game a few times, and then with a minute left, Gasol missed his two free throws, Kobe poorly managed the clock (going for a quick basket that he missed) and the Spurs seized the opportunity to cut the 7-point lead into two. It came down to the last play for San Antonio, Brent Barry has the ball (who by the way had a huge game for the team, 23 points), Fisher is coming from the weak side and gets up in the air, Barry dribbles the ball (the mistake that he made if he wanted a call) away from Fisher, there is contact and the refs don't call it, he misses his shot and the Lakers end up with a win. Call it a foul or not (Fisher's bump on Barry), but remember earlier Fisher attempted a shot that should have reset the 24 second shot clock, the referees didn't see the ball hit the rim, it went out of bounds with 2 seconds left, which forced Kobe to take a crazy shot once inbounded.
My point is with the way the Lakers played the game they deserved the win, it wasn't pretty at the end, but they still deserved it.
So get your fishing poles ready San Antonio, it's going to be over tomorrow in L.A.


Ford Explorer Concept

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LL Cool J ft. Lil Mo "I Cry"

I Cry ft. Lil Mo - LL Cool J

Off the album "Exit 13", his last Def Jam album.

Ciara ft.Rico Love "Click Flash"

Click Flash - Ciara - Rico Love

Joint from the "Sex and the City" movie soundtrack.

Serena Williams: Thickness at his Best!

School in Sierra Leone (Africa) Dedicated to Donda West

I always salute charity work for Africa, here's a quote from Kanye's blog:

In 2005, Donda West and the Kanye West Foundation donated $5000 to provide textbooks for children in Sierra Leone. Those funds were used to completely rehabilitate a dilapidated, roofless school building for 416 children. A new roof, new desks, new books and a new future for children who eagerly attended school faithfully each day, regardless of their dire surroundings and home life. As a result of Ms. West’s generous donation, Shine On Sierra Leone was developed to sustain these initial efforts.

In 2008, Muddy Lotus Primary was dedicated to the memory of Donda West and her love for education. In honor of this, Shine On Sierra Leone plans to break ground for the “Donda West Library & Literacy Center” (DWLC) this fall. The Donda West Literacy Center will answer the call to an 80% illiteracy rate in the community in the community of Bongema. Serving as a library for the students of Muddy Lotus, DWLC will extend its reach to the community offering free literacy classes to parents within the community

Rocsi Holding a Controversial T-Shirt

This is not looking good for her with all the allegations of her sleeping with guests of the show (106&Park). The blogosphere is buzzing and claiming that that's how she climbed the industry ladder. Without the 50 cent circumstances, this wouldn't be a controversy, I mean anybody could apply that message for any life experience ( charity or any random act of kindness for example)
Judge for yourself, the girl has talents so stop already.

Candace Cabrera aka 'Black' of Flavor of Love 3 Takes it off

She graced a few pages of Smooth Girl Magazine. Hmmh hmmh !!!!

Mel B in a Bikini in Miami

Get it right get it tight!

A Fan Hits Kelly Rowland with a Hat

LMAO!Later she offered 10k to the person that will bring that fan to her. Going gangsta mama?

Vandals Deface Obama Mural in ATL

A bunch of racists thought this would be funny. I'm not laughing and I'm quite disgusted by it. I've seen so many horrible stuff during this Democratic Primary process that I've become numb, I'm not surprised anymore by anything. I'm just hoping that all that animosity is coming from a handful of people, if not this country is in deep racial trouble.

Esther Baxter: She's "Baaaaack" !

After a long hiatus (maternity leave), video vixen Esther Baxter is back stronger than ever.

T.I Adresses Shawty Lo Claims

Shawty Lo has been making rounds around Bankhead (ATL) claiming T.I is not from the area (stupid, right?). I say, so what? Now to claim any atreet credibility you have to be from the toughest neighborhoods, please! If that was the point any African that makes it out of there would be top gangsta of gangsta. You haven't seen tough times yet buddy, get out of here!.

Speedknot Mobstaz ft. Twista "Feeling Myself"

McDyess Helps Pistons Even the Series

Antonio had a big night yesterday, I'm glad I picked him for my fantasy game. He finished with 21 points and 16 rebounds. The Pistons have that tendency of playing their best game with their back against the wall. Game 4 was a must-win game for them, you don't want to go back to Boston trailing 3-1 and knowing that the Celtics have the best home record during the regular season. Now that it's tied with all the pressure on Boston, we'll see if Detroit can repeat an upset there and come back home to finish them off. Garnett and Pierce only scored 16 points each, Allen had 11. Detroit had a pretty good defense on the big three, Rasheed Wallace had 5 block shots and a good performance from their bench especially Jason Maxiell (14 points).


Monday, May 26, 2008

Renault Laguna Coupe

We're going international with French automaker Renault.

Bend it Like Beckham

A 70 yard goal, impressive!

Hot Rod "I Like to fuck"


Ginobili leads Spurs to game 3 win

After game 1 & 2 he admitted not being a 100%, took the blame for both losses and promised to comeback with a better performance, and he did. Ginobili scored 30 points on the Lakers defense, he came back with a vengeance, his ankle seemed to be old news, nothing was bothering him at all. Manu was aggressive from the beginning making 5 3-pointers in the first half, he also had the support of Parker and Duncan, they both scored more than 20 points. It sure feels good to be home. It's a huge turn around from the previous Spurs performances at The Staples Center, and it shows you how important home court advantage is important at this level of the competition. Kobe Bryant try to contest their runs in the 4th quarter, it was too late and the Spurs kept on scoring. Odom and Fisher had a bad shooting night which explains the lack of support given to Bryant last night.
Last night loss was the worse for the Lakers since the beginning of the Playoffs, they should bounce back from it for Tuesday's game.


Phoenix Mars Lander successfully lands on Mars

NASA's spacecraft Phoenix Mars Lander, after a 10-month voyage (422 million miles), finally landed on the red planet Mars. It is set now to start its mission which is to find some proof of life on the planet (water), alien life has been ruled out by previous missions. Phoenix plans on starting digging the soil in the next days and collect some evidence of what is believed to be some ice in the polar region of Mars. The mission control has already received pictures from Mars in black and white of the horizon and the soil. This is another giant leap for NASA's engineers, scientists and technology.
It cost 420 million dollar to develop and launch the space mission, Phoenix is equipped with solar panels to power its motors and engines.

Click here for more details

Obama at Wesleyan Commencement Ceremony

Barack Obama replaced Senator Ted Kennedy (at his request, he's still recovering from his seizure) as a speaker for the ceremony. The main message to the graduates was to give back through volunteer work, charity and community services to build a new unselfish America, an America that cares.

Scott Dixon wins Indy 500

Joakim Noah arrested for possession of marijuana

The Chicago Bulls player was arrested Sunday around 1:30 am in Gainesville, Fl. An officer spotted him walking around with an open container full of alcohol, later when he was searched they found some marijuana on him. This guy is really trying to end his career early. During the regular season he was suspended by the team after his teammates voted for it because of behavior detrimental to the team, he later apologized to them, now we learn that he has some type of off the court trouble with the police. Not the kind of attention you want to bring to yourself as a professional athlete. He will obviously be sanctioned by the team and the NBA upon further investigation. The former Florida Gators player and son of former French tennis star Yannick Noah is known for his bubbly aggressive personality, he needs to learn how to control it before it lands him in more bigger troubles, unless he wants to continue his career in Europe or something.

2008 Festival de Cannes, the Winners

This is the French version of the Oscars maybe even more glamourous, the festivities take about 10 days with screenings of movies and prizes awarded at the end to the most deserving. Here's the full list of winners with a few American households names, Sean Penn presided the Jury committee.


Palme d'Or
ENTRE LES MURS de / by Laurent Cantet

Grand Prix
GOMORRA de / by Matteo Garrone

Prize of the 61st Festival de Cannes (tie)
Catherine Deneuve dans / for UN CONTE DE NOËL de / by Arnaud DESPLECHIN
Clint Eastwood pour / for L’ÉCHANGE (The Exchange)

Award for the Best Director
ÜÇ MAYMUN (Three Monkeys / Les Trois Singes) de / by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Jury Prize
IL DIVO de / by Paolo Sorrentino

Prix d'interprétation masculine
Benicio Del Toro dans / for CHE de / by Steven SODERBERGH

Best Performance for an Actress
Sandra Corveloni dans / for LINHA DE PASSE de / by Walter SALLES, Daniela THOMAS

Award for the Best Screenplay
LE SILENCE DE LORNA de / by Jean-Pierre et Luc DARDENNE


Palme d'Or
MEGATRON de / by Marian Crisan

Jury Prize
JERRYCAN de / by Julius Avery


HUNGER de / by Steve McQueen (Un Certain Regard)

Mention Spéciale Caméra d'Or
VSE UMRUT A JA OSTANUS (Ils mourront tous sauf moi) de / by Valeria Gaï GUERMANIKA (Semaine Internationale de la Critique)


Un Certain Regard Prize
TULPAN de / by Sergey Dvortsevoy

Jury Prize
TOKYO SONATA de / by Kurosawa Kiyoshi

Heart Throb Jury Prize
WOLKE 9 de / by Andreas Drese

The Knockout of Un Certain Regard
TYSON de / by James Toback

Prize of Hope
JOHNNY MAD DOG de / by Jean-Stéphane SAUVAIRE


First Cinéfondation Prize
HIMNON (Hymne) de / by Elad Keidan (The Sam Spiegel Film and TV School, Israël)

Second Cinéfondation Prize
FORBACH de / by Claire Burger (La fémis, France)

Third Cinéfondation Prize
STOP de / by Park Jae-ok (The Korean Academy of Film Arts, Corée du Sud)
KESTOMERKITSIJÄT (Signalisation des routes) de / by Juho Kuosmanen (University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finlande)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Boeing 747 splits in two during take off

A cargo plane in Brussels, Belgium crashed at the end of a runway and split in two while trying to take off on Sunday.

Wii Fit Trailer

Do you know a game where you can have some interactive fun and lose some weight at the same time? Wii fit gives you that great combination. The game has scored big with senior citizens in retirement homes and young kids. Get your own!

Xzibit "Dying 2 Live"

Dying 2 Live - Xzibit

Chris Brown Freestyling Dance Moves

Vintage Kobe: Crazy Dunks back in his Adidas Days

Boston Celtics Get First Playoff Road Win in Detroit

Why isn't this headline a surprise to me? I think I almost predicted it last time both teams played. I've said this before Detroit has a tendency of slacking after a huge accomplishment (their win in Boston), they lose focus and the opponent always get away with a win. That's exactly what happened last night in Detroit for game 3. Not to take anything away from Boston, they definitely deserved all the credits for the win, the bench stepped up big time when Garnett and Allen had to sit because of foul trouble, the Pistons didn't take advantage of that opportunity and they got blown out at the end. So congrats to Boston for their first win on the road, the whole team contributed to that win, all five starters finished with double digit points.

Saturday was a big night in Detroit, The Motor City was hosting an NBA Conference Finals and a Stanley Cup finals on the same day, a first for an American city.


Saturday, May 24, 2008


Kanye West "Flashing Lights" (version #2)

Kobe Jumps Over Pool full of Snakes

New Bugatti Veyron Fbg Par Hermes

As if the one million and half dollar price tag wasn't enough, Bugatti decided to upgrade their 2005 model by partnering with French leather goods house Hermes for a limited edition Veyron. To get it you would have to add another 850,000 dollars to the original price. The leather interior is just unique, the hand stitch custom-design takes about 8 weeks. The two-tone car can be made in any color combination of your choice. The Bugatti goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds, its top speed is 253mph, you can burn a full tank of gas in just 10 minutes.
So step aside Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, you got some fierce competition. Hurry up and cop yours they are taking orders for only 75 more.

Lakers Win Game 2 by 30 Points

So on game 1 we erased a 20 point game deficit and on game 2 we win by 30. I like the way this is going. The defense was just marvellous (check out Farmar's block a la Tayshaun Prince), once again L.A kept Parker and Ginobili out of the lanes. We are 7-0 at home since the beginning of the playoffs, actually we haven't lost since March, that's like 13 games in a row. San Antonio has also an impressive playoff home record (6-0), it's going to be a battle and we have to come back to L.A with at least a win. Ginobili is struggling a little bit, his ankle is not at 100%. Impressive performance by Odom, he had 20 points and 12 rebounds. Kobe was just Kobe as usual, coming back from halftime he started looking for his shots and he made them, that's how the Spurs were blown out in the 3rd quarter and never recovered from it.

Trevor Ariza was also back from injury last night, he broke his foot back in January and played the last minutes of the game.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Hilary Clinton Waiting for Obama to Get Assassinated

The Clinton's campaign has hit a new low today. This time the controversy didn't come from her supporters or her husband or her staff, but from herself. She was asked if she thinks by staying too long in the race she was hurting the Democratic party and she replied:
I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is.

So what you are implying is that the only reason you're staying in the race is that you are waiting for a miracle or for a nut job to assassinate Senator Obama. How distasteful of you to make comment like that two weeks before the anniversary of the actual assassination of Bobby Kennedy, how inconsiderate of you to make comments like that after what the Kennedy family went through for the past week with Senator Ted Kennedy being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. I know you were desperate but this is really pushing it. The superdelegates better end this before it goes really south, it's time to unite the party. Her apology was even worse than the actual statement, and remember last week Huckabee made also a joke about Obama and a gun pointed at him when addressing the NRA. They really want the brother out of this game but I got faith on the Secret Services.
Keith Olbermann expressed my sentiments better in this special comment:

Rocsi's Business Aired Out by dj Peter Parker

Movie Friday: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal skull

checking it out tonight.

Nas' Poster Snapshots for "Be A N.... too" Video

The controversies keep on coming, let see his vision on this one. They just shot the video in L.A and N.Y with street director gone Hollywood Rik Cordero.

Dragon Ball Z Movie Cast

Growing up this was my favorite Japanese cartoon (manga).

Deeetroit Basketbaaaalll !!!

That would have been the chant in the arena if the Pistons were playing at home. They sure looked like they were playing at home last night because Boston since the beginning of the playoffs haven't lost a home game. I've said this before, during the Cavaliers-Celtics series, that in order to win a series against Boston all you had to do is to win one in their house. They still haven't proved themselves to be a good playoff road game. The series is tied 1-1, going back to Detroit. Of course it's not over yet, the Pistons also have the tendency of slacking after a good performance, they lose their focus a few times so it won't be a surprised if they lose one at home. Billups stepped up last night so did Hamilton, they both had a huge performance, the Pistons offense was well balanced. It was a beautiful defensive game at both ends of the floor. Ray Allen finally got out of his bad game streak, he finished with 25 points.
We'll see how it goes

Congrats to KG for winning the Community Assist Award fr the month of April. The award was given to him in recognition his outstanding efforts for the community and for his ongoing philanthropic and charitable work.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

2010 Chevrolet Camaro

You've seen the yellow version in the movie 'Transformers'as Bumblebee, I actually saw it in person at the Detroit Auto Show last winter. They've started testing the car, its release is scheduled for 2010.

Mean look!!!

Jam Master Jay Pager's Content Revealed by Friend

MTV News just completed their investigation about the last days of Jam Master Jay. He visited his good and long time friend Shake in Milwaukee, they hung out for a couple days and Jay left the day he was shot for New York. Jay forgot his pager at a nightclub and Shake has been keeping it for years now. Some of the messages left hours after he was shot were eerie. People were writing in disbelief checking if the breaking news was true.

Check out the video, more details here

Flame: World's Most Advanced Walking Robot

This walking dutch robot is very efficient at mimicking the way humans fall forward when walking. It's very stable and uses only 7 motors to power its moves. It can also adjust its stance width, speed and gait on the go by measuring its own steps.

Click here to see him in actions.

I Give You Christina Milian and Vida Guerra

Christina Milian with a classy look

Spicy latina Vida Guerra

50 Cent Adresses Rocsi Diss

Ouh boy, he didn't chew his words on this one. Remembered I posted a video of Rocsi (106 & Park) dissing 50's album during the whole Kanye vs. 50 battle. Well 50 finally answered back with some harsh words and claiming that Rocsi has some tendencies of sleeping with guests of the show. Her animosity towards him was due to the fact that he refused to do it with her. He even claims knowing 4 guys that slept with her (so what?).
Whatever problems you two have, radio is not the place to air it out, have some class on the girl, c'mon!

Listen to the feed.

50 Cent Adresses Rocsi -

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lakers Overcome 20 point deficit to Win Opening Series

How do you overcome a second half 20 point deficit? You go to your bench, step up your defense and give the ball to your clutch player. A few runs after that you are tied in the 4th quarter with two and half minutes left. The Lakers just didn't give up on the game. Farmar finally got over his poor performance in the series against Utah, he was super productive so was Vujacic. Bryant was a passer at the beginning of the game (only 2 pts in the first half) and started taking over by just being aggressive, San Antonio felt the grip of 'The Black Mamba' and his venomous shot. He finished with 27 points and 9 assists. Big props to The Lakers defense too, they shut down the lanes, stopping Parker's and Ginobili's penetration. Phil Jackson is such a master of the game, we call him the Zen Master. He kept his cool and trusted his bench when The Lakers were in need of energy and momentum. Los Angeles leads the series 1-0 and The Spurs are just devastated emotionally for losing this one. They better bounce back to make it a competitive series. Believe me I'm not high on my horses because last time I checked they were still the defending champs.

The Lakers also received good news today from New York where Center Andrew Bynum underwent a successful knee surgery. The procedure took 30 minutes and consisted of removing cartilage debris and smoothing some rough spots. He's expected to make a full recovery by the start of training camp.


Manchester United: 2008 Champions League Winner

Trust me this is bigger than the Super Bowl and maybe the second biggest soccer game after The Soccer World Cup Finals. Manchester was facing another British team in the finals, Chelsea. It's rare to have two teams of the same country face up at this final stage of the competition. Both teams were tied 1-1 at the end of regular time. They went to overtime, then to penalty kicks. Manchester won 6-5. Drama! Drama! Drama!

Highlights of the game:

The penalty kicks:

Usher "Moving Mountains"

Scuderia Bizzarrini P538 concept

Usher's Performance on Dancing w/ the Stars

Congrats to the winner figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi!

Kanye Performs at G-Shock Event

He brought some naked astronauts too... great visuals! I can't believe I'm going to miss his tour. Damn!

G Shock Event - Can't Tell Me Nothing from kwest on Vimeo.

Boston Celtics Lead series 1-0

The Celtics were in sync and The Pistons a little bit rusty. Detroit had close to a week off since their semi-finals win against Orlando, they had to watch Boston battle it out with Cleveland all the way to game 7. I thought they would be tired after back to back 7 games series, they proved me wrong. Actually they were in rhythm, defense and offense were flowing. KG had a big night he carried the team on this one after Pierce dropped 41 on The Cavs two days ago. Ray Allen is still struggling from the field. He hasn't been a factor during the playoffs and it might hurt them later on when neither Pierce nor Garnett can't do the job and the team is in need of a third option.
Chauncey Billups was back from his injury but Boston defense spoiled his return on the hardwood floor. It's really tough to win in Boston and The Pistons missed the best opportunity to steal a win there.


San Antonio Spurs Lollipop Remix

I'm showing some love to our Western Conference Finals opponent the Spurs. You've been asking for it so here it is:

Lollipop Spurs Remix

Obama and Clinton Split wins

Another split night for both Democratic candidates. Clinton won Kentucky and Obama won Oregon and by large margins too. Senator Obama claimed in his speech in Iowa that the campaign is within reach of the nomination. While in Kentucky Senator Clinton promised to her supporters not to quit until the process is over and that Michigan and Florida delegates situation was resolved. Obviously Edwards endorsement hasn't helped much, but then again Obama didn't campaign vigorously in Kentucky. I hope it's not going to hurt him later in the general election once he gets the nomination. Another interesting fact that came out out of the polls tonight is that voters in Kentucky, just like in West Virginia admitted that Clinton has ran unfair attacks against Obama but still they vote for Clinton heavily. They also confessed that they know Hilary won't get the nomination. I just don't get it, what motivates them then to keep voting against the likely nominee. The same group of people claimed that they won't vote for Obama in the general election.
They'll come along, the future of the country is at stake. Do you want another third Bush term or Change?

Sidenote: A McCain campaign adviser had to quit his position because he didn't want to run against Obama. Two others quit because they were lobbyists which goes against McCain's campaign message about reforming Washington. After a full year of campaigns, they just realize they have lobbyists that are running them, really? Who you trying to fool? One of the lobbyist's firm was also on the payroll of Myanmar military regime, the same regime who's blocking any foreign aide for the victims of the recent natural disasters.
What happened to the "Straight Talk Express" bus? all I see now is the "Double Talk Express".

2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP56-4

G-Unit "I Like The Way She Do It" (Uncut)

I know I posted this before but this is the uncut version, unedited by BET and MTV. 50 has some issues with the executives of those two channels so he released his own version online.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

King Magazine: Dollicia Bryan, Tila Tequila (July issue)

It's the Wet Edition fellas (3rd issue). Get your sexy on and your bikinis right ladies the summer is here.

NBA Draft Lottery

1-Chicago Bulls
2-Miami Heat
3-Minnesota Timberwolves
4-Seattle Supersonics
5-Memphis Grizzlies
6-New York Knicks
7-L.A Clippers
8-Milwaukee Bucks
9-Charlotte Bobcats
10-New Jersey Nets
11-Indiana Pacers
12-Sacramento Kings
13-Portland Trailblazers
14-Golden State Warriors

Odds had Chicago at the number 9 position, they jumped all the way to number 1. Jay-z was representing The Nets at the Lottery Draft. The NBA Draft will be held June 26 in NYC.

R-Kelly Trial finally Started

It's about damn time! A few albums, videos, guest appearances, remixes and concert tours later R-Kelly case finally started today in front of a jury that was selected last week. I believe it was in 2002 when the infamous alleged tape made his rounds in the media and Internet, ever since Kells' lawyers have been able to obtain delays after delays after delays. It has taken so long that the girl in the video that was in her early teenage years is now a full grown woman, the prosecutor had also a baby, the judge suffered from a nasty ladder fall and Kelly was treated for appendicitis. If they decide to put the alleged victim on the stand the effect of her testimony on the jury won't be the same. It's all about perception. Can you be moved in a child molestation case by an adult victim woman? hardly.
Anyways, I'm not saying that his guilty, but if you saw the tape... He has well exploited the justice system and 6 years later it's even harder for the prosecution to make a case. Don't be surprised by the outcome.

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4 of Philly Cops Caught on Tape Fired

We are finally witnessing some justice in the Police Department. Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Mayor announced in a Press conference that 4 of the cops that were caught on tape by a T.V News crew helicopter, beating two suspects after a car chase were fired, three others will be disciplined and the supervising sergeant will be demoted. I don't know how they determined who was more at fault because I saw everybody do some kicking and punching.
Anyways it's good enough for me, at least they acknowledged their wrong doings on this one. I'm pretty sure the suspects once free for whatever crime they committed, intend to press charges or file a civil lawsuit against the city and the Police Department.

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Michelle Williams "We Break the Dawn"

Former Destiny's Child member Michelle is breaking out of her shell on this one. I thought she was the gospel girl of the group, she's going pop now? Nothing close to B's status.

Flavor of Love 3: Ugliest couple of the year

Flavor Flav picked 'Thing 2' as the winner of the reality show. Her name suits her well. They better not make any babies together for the sake of our eyes.