Sunday, March 30, 2008


2 great documentaries went unnoticed this past year:

"Skid Row" with former rapper of fuggees Pras spending 9 days in the infamous streets of Los Angeles "Skid Row". Look for the DVD

"Bush's War" great documentary on PBS giving you a more detailed behind the scenes on how the war in Iraq was decided and managed for the past 5 years.

You'll be amazed on the discoveries you'll make.

Busta Rhymes called "ignorant" - Watch more free videos

Trina "Rest of Them"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

hip hop news bits

The L.A Times article about the Tupac's 1994 shooting in New York was a fraud. L.A Times issued a public apology regarding the article because they found out that it was based on forged FBI documents by Sabatino. I'm amazed they didn't go through a more thorough investigation before publication, this stills doesn't make Diddy and Henchmen innocent of anything. I still believe Pac.

50 cent and G-unit just made a lucrative business move in announcing the release this fall of the follow up to his first video game 2 years ago. "Blood in The Sand" is the sequel and will feature animation and voice over from 50, Banks, Yayo and Whoo kid (no Buck).
50 also announced the release of a new mixtape with DJ Drama from his series Gangsta Grillz Mixtapes.

Still in the mixtapes world an official unofficial mixtape of Barack Obama and DJ Green Lantern will be also released in the next few weeks.

Kanye West is being sued by a Maryland producer over copy infringement on his song "Good Life". It seems that Kanye and his label forgot to clear the samples. See I knew one day all that sampling production will bite him in his buttocks.

Kimora Lee Simmons just filed for divorce in L.A from longtime husband Russel Simmons. They separated back in 2006 and both have found love. Russel is dating his yoga instructor Porshla, and Kimora is dating Djimon Hounsou (they probably just realized in order for them to get married she needs to be divorced).

Rapper T.I is expected to plead guilty for his gun charges. The deal with the prosecutor will force him to spend 12 months in prison and performed more than 1500 hours of community service. This should put all the legal trouble behind him and start the healing. Look for an album to be released while he's in jail, he's working real hard right now in his home studio.

Speaking of legal troubles, Nate Dogg also pleaded guilty to some domestic violence charges. He allegedly broke into his former girlfriend house and assaulted her and her boyfriend. After they threatened to call the police he ran away. He's currently recovering from a stroke he had a few months back.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don't


5 years,
4000 U.S troops dead,
80,000 Iraqi deaths,
4.5 millions Iraqi displaced within or out of the country,
600 billion dollars of US taxpayers money,
100 more years according to McCain,
0 weapons of mass destruction.

Diddy dit it?

Last week report in The L.A Times raised questions about the involvement of Sean "Diddy" Combs in the 1994 attack on Tupac Shakur at a New York recording studio, The Quad. The Legendary rapper was beaten, robbed, shot and left for dead but he survived from his wounds and injuries. Coincidently, The Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy (his name at the time) and their crew were also in the same building and denied being involved. But Pac claimed that same night that he was set up by Bad Boys. Based on those allegations an L.A Times reporter reopened the investigation and did some digging of his own. He claimed to have found the three men responsible for the attack, all in jail serving time for unrelated crimes. Two of them talk to the reporter and snitched that Biggie and Diddy were aware that the attack was about to happen and that it was orchestrated by The Game current manager Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond and James Sabatino (an Italian-American promoter and con man)as retaliation to Tupac for refusing to do business with Bad Boys Records and disrespecting them.
This is no news to the FBI since all the informants were interviewed back in 2002 and corroborated the story, however Diddy, Henchmen and Sabatino were never questioned. They all denied the allegations and are considering legal actions against the newspaper. The sad story is that this event might have started the whole West Coast vs. East Coast war and and at the end hip hop lost two great talents.
Up until this day both murders of Biggie and Tupac are unsolved, and now Diddy's life is being threatened by L.A Gangbangers since he decided to move to California in pursuit of an acting career.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stephane Lasme signed 10-day contract with Miami

Back in summer 2007, Stephane Lasme knew he was about to make history in his native country of Gabon when he decided to enter the NBA draft. After being selected with the 48th pick in the first round by The Golden State Warriors he made a whole nation proud by being the first Gabonese player to play at such a high professional level.
However after a few games and not fitting with the roster, he was cut from the team and later signed with the Los Angeles Defenders in the D-League where he's averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds.
His efforts, hard work and tenacity have paid off when The ever struggling Miami Heat(last in the league) announced they were signing him to a 10-day contract. He's expected to play 6 games all the way through March 30th. The team definitely needs his defensive skills, Stephane is an alumni of The University of Massachussets who broke Marcus Camby record of most blocked shots.

In Obama News

This Friday Senator Obama once again was endorsed by a former rival who was running for the Democratic nomination, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. This is more like a blow to the Clinton's camp since Governor Richardson has old ties with former President Clinton after serving as his Secretary of Energy and ambassador at the UN. Even though it comes a little late, just like Clinton's campaign manager mentioned it won't have any huge impact. However the way I see it it's another superdelegate gain, another vote at the Convention. The Clintons had already started to downplay this important endorsement but keeps forgetting to mention that he was courted for a long time by President Bill Clinton, they even watched the Super Bowl together back in February. Their tactics keep failing them, hopefully this will encourage more superdelegates to come forward and end this race.
It's time to focus on the Republicans.

Oh by the way some State Department contractor employees got their hands on Obama's, Clinton's and McCain's passport files. Probably trying to sell some juicy stuff to the press or the other side. This was a huge violation of privacy and once again The Bush administration tried to keep it under wrap.
An investigation is underway.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gabon's President entering the World Guinness Book of Records

After Cuba's President Fidel Castro announced his resignation, he made the current long time President of the Republic of Gabon Omar Bongo Ondimba the World's longest serving leader (still in power to this date). He's ruled the small Central African country for over 40 years. Most of the 1.5 million people born in Gabon have only known one President since it took about 26 years to introduce Democracy to Gabon in 1990. Bongo was the Father of the Nation's protege; Leon Mba handpicked him before he died of a long illness and he's been in power ever since.
Such a streak doesn't go unnoticed so expect the now "African Elephant" to be mentionned in the upcoming World Guinness Book of Records.

Ending streak

Houston winning streak(22) was finally ended by The Boston Celtics. Boston has been on a streak themselves when they beat all three Texas teams during their road trip, it might end tonight though when they go visit New Orleans.

Another streak was ended last night when the Lakers beat The Utah Jazz, which ended their 19 home games winning streak. That win put the Lakers back on top of The Western Conference. Lakers fan also received good news when coach Phil Jackson announced that Andrew Bynum might come back from injury sooner (before the playoffs) and Pau Gasol was scheduled to make a return in about two weeks. we just have to hold our grounds before they all come back.

There has been a controversy about Lebron's James latest Vogue photo shoot with Gisele Bundchen. A lot of people compared it to a snapshot of the movie King Kong where the super size gorilla is holding that actress on his hand. The country is very sensitive about race right now with all the political attention brought by regretful statements; we want to see prejudice and racism everywhere so we can talk about it. I say get off it. It's just a photo shoot and you are looking too hard. They tend to forget that Gisele is a Latina girl, not a white girl, so where is the prejudice here. Or is it Lebron being compared to a gorilla (get it? black man and monkey references don't go together) C'mon People!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stand By Your Man

It's becoming a trend now for wives of politicians or entertainers to stand by their man whenever they've been the subject of public humiliation. Most of them have been involved allegedly in some suspicious sexual activities. All of them have been caught cheating on their wives(Kwame, Clinton...)or were lurring congressional pages into sex activities(Folley), or engaging in same sex activities (former New Jersey Governor and Senator Craig). To avoid any long lasting public scrutiny they had to face the world and either admit or deny the allegations in some cases both and apologize to their families and friends for the shame it brought on them.
We are not here to judge them for their actions, because anybody makes mistakes and is entitled to forgiveness at some point, we don't know what's going on in the private life of those public figures. However my focus is on the spouses of those cheating men who keep standing by their man to show some type of support when instead the wife is the victim in the whole situation. I don't get it ladies.
It's a selfish disrespectful act to even dare ask her to be part of the Press conference. So I don't get it women, is it because you're trying to protect some interests (money,fame)? I understand you don't want to turn your back on many years of marriage, your family and kids, but you are supposed to be mad, don't act all calm and collected, forgetful and forgiven, the man just humiliated you. By standing there you are sending mixed messages not only to him but also the public. I understand no major decision should be made in the heat of the moment, you are probably planning on divorcing the dude, but why stand by him? why hold his hand? PR move? probably. At this point you don't owe him any more favors ladies, so instead of standing by your man you should start standing on your own.

Lupe Fiasco "Hip Hop Saved My Life"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kwame got to go!

"Kwame got to go" this was one the chants screamed outside City Hall during Detroit's Mayor State of The City.In what was a series of embarrassing moments for The City of Detroit-The Navigator incident, the strippers at the Mayor's residence, the killing of one of those strippers a few days after allegedly being attacked by the Mayor's wife, its current Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick refused to step down. Detroit has been craving for the spotlight since a very successful Super Bowl organization that boosted its economy, but Mr Kilpatrick nicknamed the "Hip Hop Mayor" and his antics have embarrassed not only the citizens of Detroit but himself and his family. He was linked to his Chief of Staff, they allegedly had an affair and they both lied under oaths about it and cost millions of dollars in civil lawsuits.
So what is the State of The City? Growing violence, Detroit has ranked in the top 5 of most dangerous cities in the US, growing numbers of foreclosures, city workers are being laid off, the city is also suffering from a massive exodus, it's becoming a ghost town, on top of that its mayor can't seem to bring positive media attention to the Motor City. All there is to talk about are the negativity caused by this Mayor. Obviously he's playing the victim and the race card. In what was a very racially divisive speech he dared to use the N-word (not the one we black people call each other) on Prime time TV and now it's being broadcast all over the country and bringing bad publicity once again. Mayor Kwame complained about receiving threats,if he cared so much for the sake of his children and wife he would stop dragging them in this mess that wont go away without his resignation.
Mayor Kilpatrick has always asked for the support of the black community, I say it's time for Black People to stop sticking by their own when they're wrong. Stand up and ask him to step down. Former Governor Spitzer quit just two days after being linked to a call girl, but no Mayor Kwame has too much pride, He hasn't been embarrassed enough, He wants to go out on his own terms.
Mayor, when you got to go, you got to go!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

T.V Show "Survivor" in Gabon

According to Hollywood insiders, producers of the show Survivor are in talks with the authorities of The Republic of Gabon on hosting the next season and accommodating the production crew and contestants. The small Central African nation is known for its rich dense rain forests which could be a huge asset to the show.
This couldn't come at any better time, since the oil-rich country has been trying to diverse its economy especially in the sector of Tourism after learning that their oil resources were running out.
This is the kind of positive international exposure it needs. CBS and the show producers have yet to confirm the rumor.

Lil Wayne "Lollipop"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snoop on Letterman


Congratulation to Obama for another win. He won in Mississippi last night by more than 20 points. The Clintons didn't even bother competing there, claiming the demographics were in his favor. Yes, 91% of African Americans voted for him.
This election is becoming a racially divided one, each demographic group voting for their own. Now Clinton's supporters are making racial comments about Obama to downgrade his political accomplishments during this elections, they forgot that even white people voted for him. What's even worse is that Hilary is sticking by the comments made by representative Geraldine Ferraro. She said Obama wouldn't be where he is if he was a white man or a woman, he got lucky and people got caught in the movement. It's sad to hear that coming from such a high ranked Democratic personality, who ran as Vice President back in the 80's.
I really don't like where this is heading. the Clinton's camp is acting like if they don't get the nomination they'll do whatever they can to destroy Obama and say at the end if he loses the General Election "I told you so".

In other news Governor Spitzer finally handed his resignation today effective on Monday. The pressure was too much, he was even being threatened to be impeached. Now his family can finally cope without all the media attention.

Hip Hop Police

Juelz Santana was pulled over in his Bentley and then arrested last night not too far from his New Jersey home. After the officer smelled some marijuana in the car, they searched the car and found even more substance, hidden in sandwich plastic bag and cash money ($ 20,000) and hollow tips bullets. interesting...

We still don't know for sure if rapper The Game is out or not. After reporting to jail a week ago, conflicting reports said that he was released 2 nights ago, others claimed he was just being transferred for safety reasons. MTV News after investigation reported today that he was indeed a free man, his name doesn't appear in any LA county jails.
I smell publicity stunt

Monday, March 10, 2008

Obama: I'm no number 2

Barack Obama finally responded to hints from the Clinton campaign that she might consider him as a running mate for Vice President. With a mocking tone, He addressed the fact that their statements are contradictory: He's not ell qualified enough to be Commander in chief but good enough for Vice President. This makes no sense at all. He made it clear that he wasn't running for #2 and that never in history a number 2 trailing in delegates asked the candidate leading in delegates to consider being number 2.
It might be a dream ticket for them, because they need the people Obama is attracting to win the general election: young voters and African Americans. However it's not in Obama's best interest to be Vice President with Bill Clinton in the White House. Hilary and Barack don't even get along that well. I sure will hold grudges against them after the nasty stuff that were said in the campaign trail. So no thank you Hilary we are not interested, you want to be in a dream ticket? stick to your number 2 position.

VA Tech campus shooting: A year later

A year ago, we were all in front of our T.V sets watching and learning about a campus shooting in the middle of the campus of Virginia Tech. We later discovered that a young troubled man who was struggling with solitude and mental health had decided to take the lives of innocent people and his own.
At the time many questions were raised about the safety of students in campuses around the country and the rights for students to bear concealed weapons. Many universities including my own stepped up their training on how to handle such situation. Today the topics are still hot, we are still discussing it and yet still don't have any answers. Some students coalition asked for my support on campus this morning to support some State Legislation that will allow students to carry concealed weapons in class. This is not the solution you don't solve campus killings by bringing more weapons in. Their argument is that the gunmen in VA Tech or Northern Illinois University could have been stopped if a student was carrying a gun. I say more innocent people could have been killed if they had engaged into a shootout.
The solution is no gun at all and if you do, sell those guns sell to the right people, sane in their mind and body. The laws should be reviewed on how permits to own a gun are appropriated. My policy is gun control since you can't take away the right of every American citizen to own a gun.
Just don't let your kids know where they at, separate the guns from the ammunition. We've seen too many high school and college killings since Columbine.
Guns are meant for protection, use it as the last resort. It's no fun to kill. someone.


The New England Patriots are once again in the spotlight, not for losing the Super Bowl but for that same story that don't seem to go away: The Spygate controversy.
The Patriots former employee Matt Walsh agree to release the alleged tapes of illegal spying on teams to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. This will reopen the investigation, and Walsh is making sure he's protected against any prosecutions or lawsuits.
To be continued

D Wade out for the season

It was announced today that Dwayne Wade will undergo a non surgical procedure for his knee: OssaTron treatment — a high-tech, high-powered form of shock wave therapy. The non-surgical procedure lasts about 30 minutes, and afterward, Wade will be limited to passive exercise (such as swimming and bicycle work) for the first 30 days. After that, he may return to basketball-related activity.
Wade will miss the remainder of the season and possibly the Olympics with Team Usa.

New York Governor linked to Prostitution Ring

Democrat New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was linked by The New York Times to a prostitution ring. According to the paper he was under Federal investigation and even wiretapped. They allegedly have records of him contacting one of the girls through e-mails or phone. He's identified as "Client #9". Ironically the man was an Attorney General who used to fight corruption and vowed when he was running for Governor to fight any unethical case in New York. Now he's involved in one.
In a news conference he gave earlier today The Governor didn't deny any allegations, seem committed to stay in office and fight the public persona. He also made some public apologies to his family "I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself," he said. "I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family."
Once he's charged with a crime expect him to resign, especially with the pressure from the media and the public.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight saving sucks

I feel like I lost one good hour of sleep. My sleeping pattern is all messed up. I show up at the club and they are already closed (an hour early, I think). What a waste that is! They need to reconsider that whole thing. A new report showed that Americans tend to lose more money especially on energy costs during Daylight Saving Time. According to the report, it costs Indiana households an extra 8.6 million dollars in electricity bills. It also has an effect on human physiology, your whole biological system is disrupted. When you wake up you are lost a little bit and I'm pretty sure, like every years, somebody is going to be late at work today. Don't mess with the natural clock people.
There are many conflicting reports, in some states it works in others it doesn't. It's definitely benefiting retailers, sports and other outdoors activities in need of daylight, however some problems were observed in farming and entertainment. Workers felt like they were working an extra hour and were not really paid for it. But and extra hour of daylight reduce traffic fatalities since most accidents happen at night. So there are positives and negatives about that concept, I just don't want to be the guy going around all the buildings in campus and change all those analogs clock or adjust timings for meetings, travelling in medical devices and heavy equipments.
Go digital and it will be done automatically, Today I just had to change my car's and microwave's clocks

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lil Weezy

Not a big fan but you got to appreciate his talent of rocking a crowd

Raheem DeVaughn "Customer"

2008 Detroit Auto Show

Michigan, Florida Do Over

It seems that after going through the numbers of delegates needed to win a Democratic nomination, The Clinton camp is pushing harder and harder to seat the Michigan and Florida delegation. Both states were sanctioned last year after changing the dates of their primary to January 29th. Both states claimed to have do so to put the attention of the primaries into their state. Now because the Obama campaign has found a way to make it a real contest, states like Wyoming and Mississippi have a lot of media attention compared to 4 years ago. Florida and Michigan wished they had that same attention and there are discussions about having do over elections. But where do we found the money? The DNC don't want to change the rules in the middle of the game and sure don't want to finance a second election. It could reportedly cost 20 million to hold primaries. A Clinton supporter suggested that both campaigns raise or donate some money for those elections, which is more than unlikely since the Clinton's camp is already struggling finance-wise.
Here's a cost free solution: seat the delegates at the Convention and split them 50-50 between both campaigns and it's over.
Obviously the Clintons won't be too fond of that resolution since they keep claiming victories in an election where there was no contest: in Michigan Obama wasn't even in the ballot, and in Florida people did not bother to go to the polls since they knew their wouldn't count. Clinton's supporters claim that people that voted in those primaries will be disenfranchised if we don't seat delegates and I say voters that didn't head to the voting booths were also disenfranchised. So what do we do to keep everybody happy? We re vote(it cost money) or we seat delegates and split them half (somebody won't be happy).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Pitbull " The Anthem"

Janet Jackson "Rock with U"

G-unit "The Mechanic"


Another blow to the Barack Obama campaign. A top aide advisor on foreign policy just resigned after making some regretful comments about Hilary Clinton. In an interview with a foreign paper she called the Senator a "Monster". After apologizing and receiving pressure from Clinton's supporters she resigned. Hope this is over.

In Hip hop News,
Lil Wayne just agreed to be the spokesman for J Prince (Rap-a-Lot CEO) new brand of condoms. With all the baby mamas running around this is really ironic to have a rapper endorsing a brand of condoms. 50 cent got some competition, he has his own too.

In other baby mamas news, Keisha Cole is about to be one, it seemed that she's pregnant with Young Jeezy baby...awww how cute.
Ne-yo's ex baby mama is currently dating Flo Rida. Technically Ne yo is not the father of her kid but he took care of that child like he was his. She even tried to sue the dude for child support at one point. Stupid! Now she's trying to hook another hip hop star. Damn, rappers are passing chicks like a used blunt. Puff Puff Pass!

Papoose and Remy Ma jut announced their engagement and intend to get married this summer. somebody tell this dude the publicity stunt is going too far. all that just to humiliate Fat Joe, Did he forget his chick is going to trial for attempted murder, I wanna see what conjugal visits will look like. Best of luck!

The new cast of the Biggie movie was just announced and both Diddy and Voletta Wallace went for a low key no name rapper/actor, named Gravy. The dude beat Beanie sigel and Sean Kingston in the auditions. Angela Basset will play the role of B.I.G's mother, Derek Luke will play Diddy.

Speaking of movies, Beyonce and Dris Elba will star in a stalker type of movie called "Obsessed" this is a different look for Beyonce (she's playing the wifey), finally a role where she doesn't have to sing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Much needed wins

You got to give props when they are due. Hilary clinton and her campaign made a huge comeback last night and somehow stopped the Obamania momentum. After losing 12 in a row, she broke out with huge wins in Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas. The news cycle of course is Clinton winning three states out of 4, but what they don't tell you is that she's still behind in the delegates count and it's almost impossible for her to catch up. Her camapaign is definitely going to drag this one all the way to Denver at the Convention it's going to be nasty and harmful to the party. The party is going to be divided and super delegates are going to decide the outcome. Obviously each camp is going to claim they deserve the nomination, Hilary because she won the big states and Obama because he won the popular and delegate vote. Expect pretty soon the wisemen of the party to step up and have the two parties come to a compromise because the Republicans have their nominee already and he needs an opponent quick. The sooner the better.
Hilary is already hinting to a dream ticket and of course they both disagree on who should be on top.
The past two weeks were tough on Obama, looks like the media finally decided to get on his case and he was the subject of 69% of the news cycle. All media outlets somehow decided it was time to dig some up about him after they were ridiculed in Saturday Night Live. SNL claims journalists are going soft on him, so that hurt him including the NAFTA talk with Canadian officials, the negative ads and the picture of him in a traditional Somali outfit (raising concerns about his religion, which Clinton did not help diffused)
Anyway, we have a ball game and it's going to be interesting, Obama is supposed to win all the contests up until Pennsylvania (04/22) so we'll see how both camps play this stretch out.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No idea of what she saying

I still love the joint, been hearing it for a while now

Gnarls Barkley Run

NFL News

Green Packers Quaterback Brett Favre just annouced after an MVP like season that he will not run next season to compete for the superbowl. He's retiring after breaking many records last season, sad day in Green Day, but the fans should celebrate his accomplishments.

Randy Moss just sign a 3 year contract with the New England Patriots. It seems that they have unfinished business and want to get back in the SuperBowl. They are still the favorite to win.

The Eagles are making a lot of offseason move, hope they get better, all we need is McNabb to be healthy and we'll be good.

Monday, March 3, 2008

the rumor was fake

Clinton: Media against me

Stop the whinning, it's no easy walk to become a President,first she complained during the last debate she always get the first question and now wants the media to be tougher on Barack Obama. Can't she see she's not likable at all and that Obama's charisma gives him a pass, anyway looks like she had fun making fun of herself at SNL.
No sympathy vote please.

Around the NBA

What a game we had last sunday afternoon, Lakers-Mavericks. It went to overtime and Kobe finished with 52 points. Bothe teams had their clutch player carrying their team on their back, Nowitzki forced the overtime with a 3 pointer and 2 seconds left in the regular time. That game was probably a preview of the playoffs in the West. Lakers 108 Mavs 104.
San Antonio managed to sneak back in the top spot of the West, not for long. It's been like this for the past month, the spot was shared by the Hornets, Suns, Lakers and now the Spurs.
The Rockets lost Yao for the remaining of the season, for now they are getting by and kept their winning streak alive. However the abscence of Yao is going to be felt in the next few games they can't compete in the West without a big man. McGrady won't win it all on his own, I'll even predict that they won't make the playoffs.

Chris Paul was the first NBA player to get his own Jordan signature shoe.

Obama closing in Clinton

Once again juste like previous states, polls are showing that Obama is getting closer to Hilary, what was supposed to be an easy win for her is being contested by Obama's campaign in Ohio and Texas where most of the ressources financial and human are being put in.Obama has TV ads after TV ads running like clockwork challenging Clinton on her agenda and also response to her latest attacks. Her last desperate move was to put some fear into the voters by starting an ad based on the "lil Betsy" ad where a young girl his counting the petals of a flower and then a nuclear type bomb explodes, Clinton ads claims Obama won't be ready to pick up the phone at 3 am whenever the country needs him. She claims because of her experience she'll be ready, if she was she wouldn't let the phone rings 5 times like it did in the ad, it shows hesitation to me, not readiness. However Obama had a nice comeback on this one, he said she already had a red phone moment when the Iraq vote was on the table and she failed to answer properly, so it's not about experience but about judgement, who is the best decision maker, who has better judgement?
Obama hands down.

hip hop news

The game turn himself and start serving his 60 day sentence. He'll probably get out early because of California jails being overcrowded. check out the video

Game jail
Uploaded by skaybn

Another 50 cent nemesis is in the news, Fat Joe that is, according to Fat joe and Papoose got into an altercation in North Carolina, Papoose sucker punched him and hotel security evacuated everybody before it got out of hands. They say Fat Joe was talking outside his mouth "You got a problem with me?" Joe said repeatedly to Pap'

Chris Brown recently joined his sweety Rihanna in Paris for a romantic getaway, oh Boy they are giving some competition to Jay and B'. Let see how long that one is going to last.

Our condolences to Juvenile and his family, his daughter was murdered by her step brother. The young mn was arrested shortly after the bodies of his mother and two other siblings were discovered in the house in Atlanta, he became immediately a suspect and after investigation was charged for the murders, we have yet to know the motives