Monday, October 25, 2010

Video: Kanye West "Runaway" [Short Film]

Co-starring Selita Ebanks as "The Phoenix" and narrated by Nicki Minaj in her best British accent.

Kanye's upcoming album "My Beautiful Dark Fantasy" plays as the soundtrack to the short film.

I call it a Musical because of the great sound and music selection (production), the theatrics (fireworks, fire), the emotions (Love, sorrow, lust...) and the dance. It could easily go into production on Broadway.

Great visual work Mr. West, I don't know about the acting though. Don't quit your day job, word to your buddy Consequence.

Powerful dinner table scene: white servants serving Africans ("Runaway" slaves?), inappropriate dish served to the Phoenix, Kanye's performance on the piano surrounded by ballerinas.

Must watch! Hip Hop won once again.

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