Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joe Budden Gets Punched By A Member of Raekwon's Entourage

I don't feel like giving you again the background story of this nonsense cause this "beef" with Wu Tang was dead-ed a long time ago when Joe Budden stepped up to Method Man like a man and apologized face to face for the misunderstanding.

Now Raekwon got his little feelings hurt by another video (below) of Joe Budden and Mickey Factz (ironically he was also present during the scuffle) that surfaced on the web the next day but was really recorded before the apology. Joe also recorded a diss track before the talk but that was still released. (Joe Budden - No Comment)

Going back to what transpired on Saturday in California backstage at Rock The Bells. Raekwon and his crew show up at Joe's dressing room, during that time Joe is live streaming on his BlogTV, things get heated, Joe cut off his broadcast while Rae's crew IceWater TV is filming (wait for the "edited" footage to hit the web anytime soon). When Joe comes back live he claims that he got snuffed by a crew member and didn't retaliate since he was outnumbered (6 to 1).

Rae and his clan must've forgot where they were, the West Coast baby, home of Slaughterhouse's own, Crooked I. The rest of the group (Royce, Joell & Crooked) was absent during that confrontation and felt they had to defend him, so another confrontation ensured (a lot of mean mugging and name calling) backstage before and after Raekwon hit the stage with Busta Rhymes.

Crooked I addressed the situation while the group was performing its set:

Ain't nobody gonna disrespect one of my dudes when we on the West Coast

I hope this is the last incident I report regarding this nonsense beef. I hope we don't get to witness anymore violence, do it for Hip Hop. They are all supposed to perform once again in San Francisco, that should be interesting.

To Raekwon, you and your goons are behind what I call a "bitch move". Don't send somebody else do your dirty work, handle it like a man. Storming a defenseless man like "Storm Troopers" doesn't make you gangsta it makes you look weak. Besides, Joe is good, he iced up that shine, all 6-7 of you couldn't put a scratch on him:

Slaughterhouse album in stores SlAugust 11. Props to Miss Info for some background story.

Get it right next time!

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