Friday, August 14, 2009

Video: Lord Ekomy Ndong "300809" [Elections in Gabon]

"300809" is the actual election day in Gabon. You know overseas they write date starting with the day, the month then the year unlike here where we starts with the month then the day (083009).

Anyways, so I thought I'll bring you that Gabonese conscious Hip Hop to update you on the upcoming Presidential elections in Gabon. The official campaign starts this Saturday. The interim President just fired all remaining Government members running for the Presidency that haven't resigned yet. There was only one left actually, Ali Ben Bongo, Defence Minister and son of the previous President who passed away months ago.

A couple violent incidents took place in a very popular spot in Libreville (Rio) where protests organized by the opposition asking for the resignation of one specific candidate, Ali Bongo from the government. The gathering was never authorized by the government so the Police was called to break out the crowds. Stones and mace were thrown and arrests were made. When the candidates (a dozen) finally showed up, they were allowed to hold their protest.

Two suspicious fires were also reported at two local markets (Mont Bouet, PK5), they are still investigating those incidents.

The campaign is going to run for about two weeks until election day and we will finally know who will be the next President of Gabon.

I'm really getting nervous about the political atmosphere in Gabon right now. I'm hoping and praying for the well-being of my family back home. This transition must happen peacefully.

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