Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ali Bongo & Hayoe Live Concert in Gabon

Presidential candidate Ali Bongo bought "requested" the services of Gabonese Hip Hop group Hayoe to headline a concert for the Youth in Gabon.

I used to be a fan of this group they just lost my respect. Why? you may ask well word on the net is that they didn't actually endorse the candidate himself, but the big check he offered them to write a song supporting his candidacy. Looks like they also wrote his freestyle at the beginning of the video.

There is nothing wrong with getting your money but if you have to go against your artistic integrity, you lose me.

When Obama got the endorsements of many Hip Hop artists in America he didn't ask them nor did he pay them to do so., John Legend and many others volunteered their help for free.

Get it right next time.


Anonymous said...

the song is not for ali but it's just what young people are waiting for the future president

sedmos said...

So you mean to say when they rap while addressing him "tu as le soutien des artistes, des etudiants...On te suit" it doesn't mean the song is about him? C'mon now!